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  1. Hey again @Mike Lamb - all good. All I needed to do was to shut down the file and it is working normal as you'd initially predicted. Thanks again for your prompt reply as problem is now resolved!!!
  2. Hi Mike @Mike Lamb ! Thank you kindly! I have located the offending objects and have deleted them so it fits to just the actual drawing now! 🙂 However, I'm still "looking through" objects though and they are "disappearing" as I am moving around. The only thing that really stays stationery/stable are the plants from all angles. In fact now I'm able to look through on all sides of the model now and not just the right side. It's almost as if the garden beds and decking are /become translucent as I move around the model? Specifically, all objects (bar plants which is normal) can be seen when I render in Top view then "disappear" when I go orthogonal and rotate around the model. All classes are turned on (except the dimensions & section lines). I can physically select the fire pit and other objects. The steppers, side stairs, 3 pots, the dining table, barstools, the oven and water feature can be seen, but only very slightly, and from particular angles. The fire pit is 100% "invisible". Also, the pots almost look like they are "chopped" internally due to the graphics. Hopefully you're able to help. I must be not doing something else that's not right in this model!! I've uploaded the updated file so you can see what I mean.
  3. Hi there, I'm hoping that someone can shed some light on a problem I've been having with my most recent file. It's a design completed after the newest service pack upgrade for Australia but I basically completed the design using an existing file (pre-upgrade) as it was concerning the same client. I'm using Vectorworks Landmark 2020. I've never had problems with working in 3D nor have had any problems with the 3D display before so it's been unusually quite "glitchy". The original file renders ok when I select Open GL - that is the front garden file. The new file for their rear garden, let's me "see through" the hardscapes and some components disappear all together as I rotate around the model. I've attached the "pre plants" file where I checked through all my usual settings and stumbled on the fact that I can stop that "see through" when I turn off the visibility for the House class and the None class. When I imported the pergola, it was still fine as "fixed" above. However, when I imported the plants, I couldn't use the short term fix above - in fact, it now "sees through" as per the initial problem. So I turned off all the classes in the model to see what was wrong with it but couldn't work it out. I discovered though that in fact, I cannot fathom how my exterior outline for plants or the sliding door are classed as a "None" when none of their overall or individual components are belonging to it. As far as other model components are concerned, I don't think also that there are other items belonging to the "None" class from what I can tell. I'm seriously at my wits end as I've spent days trying to resolve this display issue including googling and searching this forum for some answers. Hopefully someone can help please as I will be very grateful if so - still learning the programme and there's so much to learn!! The docs are still work in progress! Thanks in advance and best regards, Parveen
  4. Hi Cara2 and everyone, I'm also having the same problems as Cara. I've changed all the landscape areas to texture beds and still can't get any of them to surface. They all have textures and have their 3D display is set to display texture beds.
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