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    Renderworks & Spotlight - Stumped.

    Probably late, but also would love to see a webinar about this topic.
  2. Mauro Pujia

    Rotate truss rig Vectorworks 2018

    One thing to take into account: I first put the focus point (in this case I used two) referenced to the original design, this way doesn't work. You must put the focus as if you were focusing the "DLVP Fixtures"
  3. Mauro Pujia

    Rotate truss rig Vectorworks 2018

    Works perfect, thanks!
  4. Mauro Pujia

    Rotate truss rig Vectorworks 2018

    Hey New using DLVP, seems to be a great tool but I'm facing the same problem Sebastian posted about the 3D orientation of my fixtures. I go through this steps: 1. Draw my design on top/plan view with lights (position field filled) and trusses (converted to hanging position) 2. I run "Create Plot and Model View" 3. I get my DLVP, I rotate it to obtain the desire result: in this particularly case its a +90º rotation to see my "ex" top/plan design vertically in a new front view. 4. When I get the viewports I do the +90º rotation, trusses are okay but fixtures get a random 3D orientation. PS: I try including Z Rotation on them also, but it doesn't solve the problem Here some images:
  5. Mauro Pujia

    DMX Connectivity Articles

    Hey Edward, thanks for answering. I'm doing step by step an Arnet connection between Vision (running in Mac) and grandMA2 Light. The problem is that when I plug it in the second Arnet slot on my console, Vision crashes and quits instantly. Doesn't happen with the first slot (which is MA-net) This is happening with the SP2 version. Do I've to delete any kind of cache folder? Maybe is that!
  6. Mauro Pujia

    DMX Connectivity Articles

    Is there any post explaining how to connect Vision 2018 - GrandMA2?


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