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  1. Good afternoon, Are you still interested in assistance in preparing Architectural Construction documents? If so, may I speak with you about possible assistance? My resume and examples of my work are available upon request. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Best regards, Monty J. Anderson, A.I.B.D.
  2. Thanks everyone for all the advice, will use it shortly. Best, MJA
  3. Hi twk, Thank you for your advice, and yes, a little tutoring may be required. Not as young as you so I learn a little slower. I have tried using the Create Site Model but with little success. Youtube videos too, but I just do not seem to get the results needed. The 3D loci's should make it simple, but I am just not doing it correctly. Attached are files of the site. Topographical.vwx Thanks you in advance for any assistance. Best, MJA Levinson_Cavalier_Lot_40_SP-Rev-10-07-16.pdf
  4. Also, I am using VW 2017 on a Mac. Thanks, MJA
  5. Hi all, I would like some assistance with creating a 3D small site model to use with a house I have modeled. Please email me at: mjadezynz@cox.net for info and files and other info will be required. Not looking for a freebie either. Thank you in advance for any assistance. MJADezynz
  6. FYI: I have the same issue and have found that if I turn my layers to "Gray/snap others", the layer the dimensions are on works as expected. Just loses the association if witness line is relocated to another point. Hope the bug is fixed soon though.
  7. rDesign, Vectorbits is obsolete, tried the demo, nor compatible. Thanks anyway. Kevis, I see that and will try it. Thanks, MJA
  8. Will definitely check it out, again thanks. MJA
  9. Thanks, Tim. Hope someone can help us. Best, MJA
  10. I have the same issue, either self inflicted or imported. I have tried writing a script that will select the top object (duplicates are stacked front to back) so I can delete that duplicate and repeat if necessary. Being not very script savvy, can one be written to do this? If so please prepare one share for all of us who can use it. Thanks, MJA Dezynz
  11. To all, Thanks!!, I will try your advice and really would like the ability to apply multiple textures as Jim suggest. Best, Monty
  12. This happens to my render files almost constantly, if the "Escape" key would work, it would help a lot (I understand that it is being worked on by the engineers, so hopefully will be resolved soon). I don't have to do anything but move my curser and it renders, and most of the time I can not cancel it.
  13. I would like to add multiple textures (or decal?) to the same wall to create a wainscot style exterior. I was successful in adding a decal, but not in having it cover the bottom half of the wall so that it surrounds the window openings (and not cover the windows. I have attached two files: #1 my failed attempt and #2 is the effect I want to achieve ( On #2 I applied a thin object layer over the wall and cut out the windows, laborious). Any help will be most appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  14. Hello All, When I go to export a jepg image (using the draw marquee tool or any other selection) the Export Image File window will flicker and not close. No image is exported. Anyone else having this issue? Techsupport said it may be an issue with my admin. login (works when a new login is created) so I recreated it after running the Mac OS 10.8.5 combo update. But I am having the issue again. Thanks for any assistance, MJA
  15. Jim, Thanks for the response, yes a big file. I found the cause of the issue, some corrupted symbols. They bloated a 30 meg file to over 277 mbs!! After stripping out the bad symbols it is back to 33 mbs and zips through saving and exporting.
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