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  1. @Alan Woodwellsure. This is an example i am working on where i isolated this problem. I want to change the rectangles by manipulating there database values in the Worksheet. 05._EigenerWorksheetTest.vwx
  2. @Alan Woodwell Thanks, I already have those but every node in there that gives you a value or string from subrow needs an subrow int as input which I can't get.... I want the network to show me the value of a selected subrow. The whole idea is to update objects by changing parameters in the worksheet. If anyone has a better idea or a different way that works please tell me. I am stuck here since 2 weeks. Thanks for the files Alan.
  3. @Marissa Farrellwhere can i find those GetSubrow Count and Get Subrow Value nodes? I would like to have them for my Marionette as well. Thank you very much
  4. hey @Marissa Farrell, of course since this all works i want to know how to make it bedirectional. I tried with the get record node combined with the equal and if node but it didn't really work. Can you point me in the right direction? Since i am in this forum Marionette is way more fun. Thanks for your kindness.
  5. Hi @Marissa Farrell, as always you made it happen. Thank you very much now it works and I can carry on. Thank you for the incredibly fast, correct and professional to a noob question. cheers Benny
  6. Hi there, I tried the Records nodes which did work until I created a Wrapper. That task created a group out of my object with the record and so I can't see them anymore when I select the Object Node. I need to attach the infos to the record after the automatic group command or get rid of the automatic group command all together. I will take the next 2 hours and figure out the PIO handle. Thank you very much so far
  7. Hi there, I am working on a project where i created a marionette object node (thanks to this forum it works so far) with a couple of adjustable parameters in the OIP. Is there a way to get access to those parameters to create a worksheet that lists all the object instances and there parameter settings? Before i knew marionette i used databases (records) to store all that information but within the object node i can't do it since it groups everything on the last step. I hope someone understands what i mean and ideally has an idea to make it work. thank you very much in advance Benny
  8. Hi @Stephan Moenninghoff thank you very much for your answer. It took me 4 days to realize i won't be able to make it happen. Then i wrote this post and the easy answer is to just delete the whole grey text.... Come on. Anyway I am happy as can be. Thank you very much. Case closed for now.
  9. Thank you @Marissa Farrell for this rapid reply. I think i am still way behind your instructions. I have the german spotlight version 2018 and can't find the Convert to Plug in Object command but i did find a german help file that says to convert the node into a intelligent Object. Is that the same thing? Anyway i haven't even made it to change an existing node under a new name (it asks me to change the command to refile which i did but it still doesn't work). can you help me on this step too? tank you very much. I appreciate "the fastest Forum on the planet" very much.
  10. Hi there, is it possible to create custom nodes, or change existing nodes that then can be seen in the marionette node library? I couldn't find any instructions to that so far. If there are maybe someone can point me in the right direction. the only thing i managed so far was to change existing nodes which then got changed globally for ever. I am sorry for beeing a noob. thanks for reading
  11. Hi @sbarrett , @Pat Stanford thank you very much. that did work. now i have to arrange those labels slightly on top of the dice because they shimmer in openGL view. Is there a snap to surface node or something like this? sorry for all the questions but i can't really find documentation for all the nodes there are. I will definetly try the plane object thing later. Thanks for all the help.
  12. Here is the part i was talking about. If you run it it does work. if you wrap it it still works. if you change to object node it does not. thanks VW_2018_Marionette_Test.vwx
  13. Hello, this is my first post so please tell me if i did something wrong. My problem ist as followed: i create an rectange extrude and put a textlabel on all the 6 sides of the dice. All this is done via Marionette nodes. Once i create a wrapper it still works. Once i create a Marionette Object I can't see the text objects in the 3D view anymore. infos: the text objects are 6 groups i moved into place. anyone an idea? thanks for reading
  14. Hi there, I have the same problem. I found out when ever you select a Node and press cmd+s it refreshes and works for one click. It is just a work around that forces you to save your project after every change in Marionette. I also have discovered that when you press undo that it jumps way back and I can't undo the undo. Has anyone the same issue? (only in Marionette)
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