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  1. Every time I open the file i am working on everything is floating I am putting back one by one... please help!!
  2. Hi! I figured out why I can not select the windows!!
  3. Thank you so much Pat! I fixed the wall style, but now windows are locked I can't select some of the windows?? Any advise? for the orange and red sorry for my bad english! now it is not happening but, when I select the wall, all of the walls in the floor plan color changed black to thick red.. I couldn't select anything individually... kind of warning "don't touch you did something wrong!!!"
  4. on floor plan, when I select the wall, it was red yesterday today orange and can't select 'attributes' at all... I am still learning... any advise?
  5. Hi everyone, I have vectorworks 2017. I am working on floor plan, but I guess I did something wrong.. when I touch the wall it turns red and doesn't let me finish my work... could you please help me?
  6. roza

    Flat Roof

    I am not able to give slope value as inches but degree... Is there any way to change degree to inches? I do a mat to figure out slope in inches...
  7. Beginner help: Do I have to create "floor slab" for to have correct "finished height"?
  8. I need help as a beginner. I couldn't figure out how to create a flat roof. To create a roof: - I draw a polyene around the wall - AEC create roof - changing the roof slope & eave/gable Then I change the slope to 0 - says "Roof pitch is not valid"
  9. @JimWthank you thank you thank you!!!!
  10. Hello, I am trying to create roof with poly line. I can not see the one I already created. One roof is incorrect place. Now I can not touch any of plans, elevations... Anyone can help? Vectorworks 2017, beginner
  11. @CipesDesignThank you. Since I am beginner its very hard
  12. Hi all, I did create a roof but when I view 'left isometric' or 'front' etc. roof is not on the top of the wall. How I can correct? Thank you
  13. @zoomerand @Alan Woodwellthank you for the answers me from usa
  14. Hi all, I guess the arrow shows where stairs start.. I want change the starting point with ending point.. I couldn't figure out how to start to the stairs at the bottom of attached file... could you please help?
  15. Could you please help me with the design layers.. why everything is floating in isometric layer view?
  16. Export from sheet layer I have a printer for 8.5X11 It might be the problem?
  17. Hi all, I was able to save as PDF is when sheet size was 11X17, but when I change the sheet size to 18X24 PDF file 18X24 but sheet is still 11X17. How to I change it?
  18. I am still learning vectorworks 2017. I used "create section viewport". if my file is open I can see elevation view but when I close and reopen there is nothing in elevation viewport.. could you please help?
  19. I am having problem with Exporting Sheet Layer to PDF file. I was able to export yesterday. I guess I changed print setting, but can not figure out what it is... When I export the Sheet Layer, I just see a small part of page... pdf.pdf pdf.pdf
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