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  1. Hello, We are working on a BIM level 2 project and have to import our 3D landscape model (produced in Vectorworks) into the Architects master Revit file. We planned to do this via .ifc but it is not importing in the correct place. If we export our drawing as a 2D .dwg it imports correctly but the .ifc seems to lose its georeferencing. Does anyone have any idea why this might be/if I am missing something? Many thanks! JJ
  2. Thanks Benson that is really useful. I appreciate you taking the time to look at that for me. JJ
  3. Hi everyone, thanks for your help so far. I am pretty sure all the end points are snapped together. Some of the shapes are quite simple. The only thing I can think of is that the edges vary in height as they were drawn along a series of 3D locus at spot heights, I am not sure if this will prevent it being turned into a surface. I have attached a sample file, I just need all the surfaces to have a thickness of at least 1500mm, they can be flat on the bottom or follow the surface - what ever is easiest. Thanks again. JJ JJ Watters 3D Surface Help.vwx
  4. Hi Robert, Thanks for your help - when i try and convert my NURBS curve to a surface i get the attached error . Thanks, JJ
  5. Hi Jim, Thanks for your reply. I have tried this and it just says 'Shell Creation Failed' Thanks, JJ
  6. Hello, We are still having difficulty getting our 3D Vectorworks into the Architect’s Revit Model. I have modeled our proposed topography using lots of locus that I have then joined up to create a series of polysurfaces. Revit doesn’t like this as it needs a 3D mass rather than surfaces. Extruding the surfaces doesn’t work as they are twisted/facing in different directions (see attached). Do you know how we can create a solid 3D mass out of these surfaces? I have tried converting to nurbs, duplicating them and lofting between but this dosent work either. Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks, JJ
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