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  1. Okay! I will add one more parameter for the document header when I add those functions.
  2. If I add the following functions for Vectorworks 2019, will it be good enough? gSDK->SetObjectVariable (layerHandle, kOpenGLCastShadow, value); gSDK->GetObjectVariable (layerHandle, kOpenGLCastShadow, value); The first parameter is for the viewport or layers. The second parameter is for the OpenGL options such as Textures, Colors, Anti-Aliasing, Draw Edges, Shadows and so on. The third parameter contains the value.
  3. "kOpenGLDataType" is the right place to start. BTW, can you access all the source codes? Plus, if I add a new SDK function for Vectorworks 2019, you can use it right away? Or you need to wait until the next release?
  4. Do you need the "show shadows" (= true or false) in Vectorworks scripts?
  5. I don't think we have such functions to read and write the OpenGL options for each layer, but we are considering to add them.


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