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  1. I am trying to add some Marvin window symbols to my old VW drawing. All I can download are .skp files...any way to change these or get symbols that work with my older version of VW so I need not re-invent all these Marvin windows? thanks, michelle old VW version (still works great!!!) 12.5 on Mac OS 10
  2. thanks a million, Peter..I have not used it in so long I forgot and could not find it! feeling silly
  3. I need to run my floor boards perpendicular to the way they show up when rendering. I tried the flip vertically and horizontally to no avail. thanks for any help. Michelle VW 12.5 renderworks, architect Mac OSX 10.6.8
  4. thanks for your tip..I did just that with the latest version evaluation copy have a Generous New Year! m
  5. Happy New Year all! I have a .dxf I am trying to open by importing it in VW 12.5 and I keep getting an error message after it tries to open itself. Any tricks? I really need to get this open today! HUGE thanks Michelle VW 12.5 OS X 10.6.8
  6. so happy VW does not let you call yourself names even if not curses
  7. Oh Jonathan I am an idiot..but FWIW I did try that very thing in the Document setting and she did nothing THANKS again invisible friends!
  8. forgive me I am an architect not an engineer...doing some drafting for an engineer and cannot seem to change the "Arch" type dimension (ticks) to his desired arrows (inside)..and yes I am using an old but beloved version on my mac thanks michelle 12.5.2
  9. oh if only!... mike, if only I had missed an invisible class! off to remeasure and redo..it was not closing up anyway and surely I missed something...if I learned one thing its get my time machine working...so if I used it I would go back to the time I had all the info right? I am a new mac user (how the heck did I work for years on a PC???????) thanks for all of your untiring support to my dumb questions! michelle
  10. yes should have said I tried that to no avail... If I'd stopped when I when I should have I would be so much farther ahead. c'est le vie gonna leave it open and hope theres another magic answer i have not tried
  11. ok this is a last ditch attempt... I just had a complex as-built group disappear. (I erased it accidentally ..should have stopped hours ago as I am fried) Is there anyway to go back in time with more undoing than what is allotted on my settings? thanks as always to all! michelle mac OS X vw 12.5
  12. I select all the lines which are connected but convert to polygon does not make them one? Normally I use the polygon tool but is there another way? thanks
  13. I am tracing a pdf of a site plan with 2' contours & would love to slope the perimeters of the extrudes I am creating..instead of the chunky square edge I get when I extrude the polygon. Thanks for any ideas! even if way different than this method still using 12.5 on my mac can't wait to get the newest version.. michelle
  14. Does anyone know/use this software. My dear friend a contractor draws his own (simple) plans (by hand), he has tried to learn Vectorworks and gave up and felt this program Chief Architect could be easier for his very simple purposes. Does anyone have an opinion? Thanks and happy new year! m
  15. I worked on the eval of 2010 version for a month and then I went back to my old version 12.5 BUT failed to save one file as an older version (12) Is there a way to translate that file so I may open it without 2010? I see it has a .vmx suffix not an .mcd.. or need I email it to tech support to transfer? Thanks M VW 12.5 on my PC VW 11 on my mac
  16. my VW dwg has italics but its shows up not italicized on the PDF that I export... I am on the verge of a new version just need this invoice. thanks all.
  17. I realize I likely have problems due to using 12.5 on my mac...no other choice right now. One particular file frequently asks for me to save as because its corrupt.. hours away from the finish line on this one so wondering if you all had any tips. thanks a million as always michelle new computer old version gal soon to be 2010 queen on a red hot mac (after this invoice)
  18. I am using the ancient version 12.5 on my new mac but it seems odd when I send to a PDF my print that was italicized appears normal but is not on the VW drawing..I can live with that but in the midst of a hellish deadline I am concerned if other info may not come through and I may miss it..any help appreciated. Thanks m sorry to be a cry baby
  19. ugh sorry no sleep make for a dumber gal...I found the tools but still cannot find an easy zoom out like I was used to...off to buy a good mouse post presentation thanks all M
  20. I must have already screwed something up in here as I do not see the percentage drop down up there and cannot turn that mag glass to anything but what it is a zoom in thx sorry to be lame
  21. no scroll mouse yet but need to zoom out farther than page fit ..and I am having a fit wth is snap loupe? how do I just plain zoom out.. I miss the tool on the bottom of the page with the little mag glass with the minus in it...(VW12) - VW dum-dum on a deadline
  22. trying to use 2010 on the fly..love it so far but having trouble with zoom out ..looks like i do not have it as an option. thnx m new mac book pro
  23. Just downloaded the eval version 2010 for my mac. Coming from 12 I felt a bit lost and though I found my way round it, (sort of) it would be great if there was a tutorial that pointed out changes...Does such an animal exist? Thanks m
  24. Can I make a half barrel-vault roof that hips back on itself or need I just use extrude? sorry probably a stupid question...:{ using old v-works 11.5 (ugh don't ask lost a computer and now relegated to an old G-4 laptop) thanks michelle
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