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  1. Well, it doesn't always work, even when the endpoints are identical. Sometimes I get a msg that walls cannot be joined.
  2. Never mind. The wall join tool works for this. Though it seemed logical that there should be a way to do it with the OIP.
  3. I draw a curved wall and add windows. Client wants the wall longer on each side. If I change the start degrees, then all my windows move because they are relative to the start. If I just add a separate wall segment for the new space, then I cannot add any symbols that bridge the two wall segments. It's a nuisance to have to more all windows one by one just because the wall is being lengthened a foot or three. Is there a way to get around this?
  4. Thank you. Going back to QT 5 is not an option for other reasons. Guess I'll wait till VW 10.5.... Since you sound like a VW engineer, can I put a bug in your ear about QTVR? I need that soooooo badly. It creates wonderfully small files that are soooo useful, especially in the round buildings I design. An orbit animation is just not the same thing. Seems like the work involved wouldn't be dramatic, since all the rest of the QT support is there. It would make a HUGE difference for my clients. If you get me this, I won't grumble about anything else ever (or for at least a month). Thanks.
  5. I'm running OSX 10.2.6 and have no problems that are unique to that system. I regularly have 15-20Mg files without any problems. I always print pdf's to service bureaus, and once they get the first one set up right, it's been easy to get prints. The problems I see are all related to round designs--things not working as well in round walls as in straight, the shell command being hit-and-miss (mostly miss), the Blend Edge tool being almost completely useless for my shapes. Just had a solar animation be out of registry with no clue what to fix. But these things aren't unique to the Mac version or the VW version....I think they've always been that way. But the program seems reliable enough (compared to others I've used) and I seem to be able to get done what I need to.
  6. Any ideas? I kinda gotta do some, and I don't know what to change...
  7. If you create a partial round wall and then put a window so it overextends the end, the wall redraws showing an extra line that is the complete circle. Same happens if you install a window over a wall break that you haven't bothered to heal. Normally not a problem...just a nuisance. Here's where it's a problem. The design is a partial torus, which is a torus segment with a spherical end cap. So, the backside of the torus is a curved wall, and then another curve starts at the end of that for the end cap. If you want to install a window right where these two curves connect, you pretty much can't, because VW will draw extraneous lines completing one of the circles. Ideas?
  8. Imagine something like the dome at Epcot. Now imagining wanting to put a design on it, such as a logo or a grid, or almost anything. Any ideas how one might wrap a sphere with an arbitrary design? Mostly I need to mimic painted lines.
  9. Created a solar animation. Have done them before with no problems. But this one shifted the whole drawing up and to the left so that only about the top left quarter of the QT frame showed the bottom right quarter of the animation. The thing renders and exports accurately, so I don't get how it could be out of register in the solar animation. Ideas?
  10. Thanks for thinking about it. A lot of the walls are interior/exterior--i.e. walls that are visible from the outside and so cannot be hidden. Do need doors and windows, and that's the biggest problem with nurbs "walls"--I'd have to subtract the doorframe from the wall. I'm even contemplating doing a separate floorplan from 3D model, but boy, that seems like a time-waster. Between this and symbols not duplicating in curved walls, I'm spending lots of time doing grunt work that a coupla features could make a whole lot easier.
  11. My absolute biggest need is an easier way to make walls rise to meet a non-linear roof. I design domes, so the exterior will be some compound curve shape. Interior walls are sometimes built right up to the dome. When designing this, I have to make the wall as tall as the dome, then 3D section each wall plane and point by point, 3D Reshape each wall top to fit the curve. This takes next to forever, and literally doubles the time to do a design. Either having walls fit a NURBS curve, or allowing symbols (sinks, doors, etc) to behave the same way in a pseudo-wall created with extrudes and NURBS as they do in a real wall would be a huge step forward.
  12. Stefan, I've found no way to create a QTVR after the fact. I'm hoping Nemetschek takes pity on some of us and adds that support. >the roof of the building lifts off to reveal the inside I did one with a car driving and a door opening using VectorScript. Came out neat, but was harder than it should have been be/c ya can't VS the export dialog, so every frame needed manual intervention. Is this how you're doing yours?
  13. I often set up renderings to run overnight be/c of how long mine take. This is one reason I wish VW supported QTVR, because the rendering is incremental, takes much less time to create, and is a much smaller file. The other thing that would improve VW is if they tweaked the process so that you didn't have to have the preliminary renders before the animation starts. You must render, then it renders again after you choose options, then it starts the animation. The first two are just time wasters. (Similar applies to exports.) And while I'm on a roll, you can't easily stop an animation. The cmd-. just stops that frame, but you have to cmd-. through all the frames and it's easier to just crash the program, assuming you've saved the file...
  14. The new Background capability is really nice--you connect it to a layer and it works better than an object ever did. The one hang up with it is for animations. The background never moves, so instead of mimicing reality, it looks like your building is on a turntable spinning around with an un-moving background.
  15. There does appear to be a minor bug here. If you make the symbol with a solid fill, the symbol is opaque, but the label is still transparent. There appears to be no way to make the text not see-through.
  16. It appears that the Glass Block tool cannot create a single line of blocks. The polyline must have at least two segments or it just disappears. So to create a flat wall, I have to create it of two segments in a line. Am I seeing this accurately?
  17. There's a Pick-up mode on the 2d symbol insertion tool. Page 5-18 in the manual. It won't pick-up windows, plumbing, some electrical symbols be/c they're not 3D, but when you select that very same symbol from the Resource Browser, it's the very same 2D Symbol Insertion Tool that's selected.
  18. It happens when VW quits properly, too. Today it was Arch Sampler and 02 Trees. Not only that, but I had to select the file and "Remove Current from Favorites" twice before each would remove. The first time it did not remove.
  19. I'm interested in the best approach to this, too, be/c I have to do final prints Arch D, but proof them Tabloid. So I want the scale on the Drawing Label to adjust, too. Doesn't always turn out as I expect, so looking for what works for others.
  20. I agree it appears to be a limitation. VW already knows how to make the window follow the tangent when inserting one, so placing multiple shouldn't be toooo much of a stretch. It'd sure make bow windows easier to create, and I do that on almost every project. Right now, it's really painful to do.
  21. Create a new document. Draw a wall. Insert the "Door" object from the Arch Standards file. Then try to pick it up using the pick-up symbol tool. You get, "The selected object is not a 2D symbol." But if you double click that very symbol in the resource browser, it's the 2D symbol tool that is selected. So it would seem that VW sees it as sufficiently 2D for initial placement, but not for pickup. This is all in Plan View. VW 10.2 Mac OSX 10.1.5
  22. Hi Katie, I've had 15 Plumbing, and Residential furniture and Sitework Vehicles and various 08 windows go to the bottom. I set it up that the numerical ones are in order followed by the textures (maybe that's automatic), and then after what I described, I'll launch it the next day or whenever and find a numeric one at the bottom, and it won't go back without removing and re-adding it. VW10.2 Mac OSX 10.1.5
  23. This question sounds like the kind of question that should have a stupidly simple answer, but for the life of me, I cannot think of one. Why can't the 2D Symbol Pickup tool also pick up 3D symbols if in Plan View? Or some similar solution to the problem? In modifying a plan I want to put a cabinet on another wall and relocate the sink and a window. But I can't figure out a way to easily move them into another wall. The 2D Symbol Tool won't pick them up be/c they are 3D (though if you select it from the browser, it's the 2D tool that is selected, so...) and the 3D symbol tool doesn't have a pickup mode. So I have to go and find the original in the resource browser. Is there a better way? [ 06-09-2003, 12:30 PM: Message edited by: Cloud Hidden ]
  24. If it's a feature, I don't like it! If I have the resource browser open when I quit VW (or even on some crashes), that resource file is permanently added to the end of the favorites list whether I want it there or not. I want my resources in persistent, numeric order. It's the only way I can find one quickly without having to look through the whole list and read each filename. When VW changes the favorites without me wanting it, that completely messes me up. Is this a bug or intentional?
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