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  1. Thanks. That's a week after getting VW, so I'm pretty encouraged and looking forward to version...oops. I'll zap you a copy of the final rendering when all the interior, etc is together. It is a house. Air-formed, thin-shell concrete dome. More than you'd ever wanna know at http://www.monolithic.com . Pix of mine are in there somewhere, too. Now you know why I'm so focused on tools to help with ellipsoids and such... Thunderstorms?!?!? You serious?!?!? I can imagine VW Climate......Clouds roll by to filter the sun...I'll take 3 cumulus and a layer of cirrus, please...too funny. Rain, of course, and that can lead to a dynamic analysis of runoff and the effectiveness of gutters and drains...Wind blowing the trees, and VW doing a sort of fluid dynamics analysis of the effects of wind on the structure. Tell the development staff there's no need to thank me. Ha ha ha
  2. Nark, that does help. Thanks. I go back to the days of Lisa, so seeing .exe anything gives me hives. <G> Understand your explanation. In DenebaCAD I did people in the same way. Re Artlantis...as not only does time equal money, but money also equals money, one budget-buster this month is enough for me!
  3. Aha! Or is it Eureka? As I had not ever used classes (you can only expect so much learning so fast from a recent convert from DenebaCAD), it never occurred to me that VW might sneak them in on my behalf. Of course, making all classes modifiable did the trick. I had already learned my lesson on the views and layers stuff, and when that hadn't cured it, I was outta ideas. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the answer on the export size. Hope to see that one soon. I created a big sky bkg to avoid seeing white, but then pay the price with the export. On the first question, the "object" is not really an object, but the border marking the printable area as determings by the Set Print Area dialog. You pick a certain number of pages and the grid draws within there and plain white outside of there, and a box surrounds the printable area even if you don't display the page boundaries. Well, it's that box that shows during all flyovers and shows in the solar animation. That's the one I can't seem to make go away. You'll see it in http://idisk.mac.com/cloudhidden/Public/Sun.Carthage.mov . That's the kind of shapes I've been bugging you and Matthew about on the phone the last few days. Client's reaction was, "Neat! Where's the afternoon thunderstorm?" Perhaps you can add that to the wish list! Ha ha ha. [ 08-14-2002: Message edited by: Cloud Hidden ]
  5. I just added a bunch of objects to a new layer. Beds, Desks, etc. I was fine till I added some plumbing fixtures and kitchen appliances. I cannot now select any of these objects to move, delete, whatever. The other objects done the same way are fully selectable. What gives? Even select all won't get 'em. Thanks. Jim
  6. Someone will have a chance to point out the obvious to me, most likely. Finishing up first renderings and such with VW, so there's still lots to learn... Exporting rendered image as JPG from orthogonal view. Don't have the box for limiting drawing size, so it's exporting a LARGE file that I have to crop in another app. Is there a way to crop within VW so I can skip that other step. Didn't use Perspective be/c the distortion of nearby objects was too great even with the "telephoto" equiv setting. And second, the solar animation was cool as heck. But it included the rectangle that I guess is the page boundary marker. How do I get rid of this? I have that option off in the Set Page Breaks dialog... Thanks. Jim
  7. quote: Originally posted by SaMi: check out 3D cafe free dxf models Any quick explanation of why the dxf files there are all .exe? That's a problem for Mac users. I must be missing something about the nature of a dxf file.
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