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  1. update: I'm finding that if the object in the .eps has no stroke, it doesn't import the vectors via my method above. If I give it a stroke in inkscape before saving as pdf, the vectors will import into vectorworks.
  2. Looking to do something similar, I seem to be having success with this: import eps into Inkscape (free vector editor, slightly buggy) export to pdf import pdf into VW ungroup pdf In my case anyway, I got polylines I could edit and extrude.
  3. Well, the problem seems to have evolved in in VW2020. Attached here screenshots of OpenGL and fast renderworks, one right after the other on a design layer. (He says, screaming into the void.)
  4. This is a first: objects from the last file I was working on, now closed, just ghosted into a render (design layer). I got one good render, adjusted the dimmer on a few lights, and got this. The file that ghosted in had never been rendered other than open GL.
  5. Just got this answer from tech support: I will try it, but as it still requires a software restart it's no better than what I've been doing.
  6. Oh, document preferences>display, not vectorworks preferences>display. How could I possibly get that confused?
  7. I don't find this setting. Has it moved in 2018?
  8. Kevin (love your book BTW), I agree. I've felt like stability has been on the decline ever since they switched from 18-month to 1-year version cycles. Simply too many resources going into bells and whistles (VR goggle integration) and not enough into debugging and user interface.
  9. Full uninstall / reinstall solved it for me.
  10. Ah, thanks. This is me a bit sheepish. Didn't catch that googling the problem led me to old version help docs. Which matched my understanding of how it worked, so didn't question it.
  11. The worksheet sort icons do not appear for me in 2018. "To sort or summarize a group of database sub-rows: If the database header rows are not displayed, select View > Database Headers from the Worksheet menu. Select the header row of the group of sub-rows to sort or summarize; the header row has a diamond next to its number. The three icons above the left end of the column header cells become available." Nope. They don't become available. I've just exported my file back to 2016, and it works. Feeling like I wasted my money on the "upgrade".
  12. I'm having the same problem. There's nothing about vision in my plugins folder. Been searching for the plugin to download, but can't find it anywhere. Every time I double click an instrument to edit, I get "There was an error loading the Vectorworks Vision Plugin." I'm losing my mind. I'm going to order a field template and Arch E paper so I can keep working in case I throw my computer off the balcony.
  13. Similar to described here, I'd like an option (perhaps in OpenGL Options) that allows OpenGL to render with default lighting, while other render modes use the scene lighting. In my workflow (stage design), I use OpenGL to make edits to my model, then flip to fast renderworks to check the result with lighting, then back to OpenGL for more edits, etc. Using OpenGL should be like turning the worklights on.
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