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  1. Hey All, So I resolved my issue, which is semi operator error, and semi a silly change in 2020 For those playing at home. Basically I NEVER select the symbol insertion tool from the toolbar, because the tool is automatically selected when you choose a symbol from the resource library. It would seem in 2020 though, the tool defaults to wall insertion mode on start up. Surely this should not be the default as wall insertion mode is so speciifc to architecture. Anyway, for now I know I have to turn this option off each time I start working on a drawing. Cheers Cam
  2. Hi, When VW Spotlight 2019 is first loaded, and I use the insert connection tool for the first time, it asks for a symbol to be chosen. Since the symbol is relative to hoist data, this is a redundant task. I end up having to toggle a value in OIP once placed for the correct 2D symbol to be seen. I'm also finding more and more that unless a value is also toggled in the OIP, the 3D view is missing visual components (generally the main body of the motor). This did not happen with the initial release of 2019, as far as I can tell this issue was introduced with SP1. While I'm here, I also can't make soft goods become part of a system when using Eurotruss FD32!? No issues with any other truss I've used so far... Cheers Cam
  3. Hey all, Like many people, I have had issues transitioning my title blocks over from a previous version of Vectorworks. I finally had a work around until I installed SP1 the other day. Now I cant add any title block, let along my own. Now if I add a Title Block Border, choose unstyled, then import my wanted title block graphic, it shows it correctly in the preview window, but then as soon as I click OK nothing happens. I can go back into the title block border settings and its missing again in the preview. Thinking it was an issue with my custom title block, tried it with some of the standard blocks... same issue. At the moment my only work around is just copy / paste from previous drawings done pre SP1... Anyone else having this same issue?


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