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  1. The cloud icon (actually called "online libraries") is selected as are all of the others, but it's not even showing a section for content. (See attached screenshot) I'm logged in to Service Select. Thoughts?
  2. @Rob Books Which brings up the question I was going to ask: I noticed in the Downloads section that a bunch of Roe products had been added. I was going to download them and put them in the library when I noticed this: Please note: The VW2018 version can also be found in the Resource Manager in the Subscription Libraries group under Objects - Ent Stage/. However, there's no Subscription Libraries group in my Resource Manager anymore; only Vectorworks Libraries (which is native on my computer) and then Workgroup Libraries and User Libraries which are both empty. I JUST did the new service pack install so did by chance the Subscription Libraries go away in this new version? And then, if I were to download this content, where would it go to be accessible (on a Mac) as I have done this before and put things in the "Applications>Vectorworks 2018>LIbraries>[insert folder here]" and refreshed the libraries in Resource Manager and it doesn't show up. Thanks!
  3. So, I've tried a few of the above-mentioned suggestions and still no luck. If I open a 2017 drawing that has one of my custom titleblocks in it I can click "Update" and it'll make it usable and editable which is great. BUT, of course it won't let me export or save the titleblock out into the folder where the other standard ones live for future use so I have to use this one in a blank drawing template file. Which is ok, but completely defeats the purpose of the tool and means I can't work on an old drawing that may not have a title-block and then put one in. I went through DCapp's 11-step process which seemed promising, but when I got to the Title Block Data Link part it wouldn't let me put in my custom info and left me with "1" in every field even though I typed in a custom name etc. I get that all of the standard drop-down fields that you can select for fields are well, "standard" to someone, but the whole reason I am using a custom title-block is that all of our fields are pertinent to our shows. So there are fields like "Show Name", "Venue", "Load-in Date", "Load-out Date", "Producing Depot" etc. I've tried copy/pasting my titleblocks into the "Standard" drawing and although everything there looks identical between my files and the ones that VW saved in there, they won't show up in the pull-down. I'd love to actually USE 2018 but I don't have several hours to devote to fixing it so I can do a simple drawing.
  4. I've seen a couple threads here about this but I'm not quite understanding the answers. I've got a handful of titleblocks that we use that have our company logo and job-specific info in them that I used to be able to drop in through the sheet borders tool. They live in the "Libraries>Defaults>Sheet Border - Title Blocks" folder of the VW 2017 application. When I ran the Migration Manager they weren't copied over. I manually dropped them into the folder and they don't show up. I figured ok, maybe the program can't read them since they're in 2017 format so I opened them and re-saved them as 2018. They still don't show up. What gives? I realize the tool is redesigned but seems to only let you drop in the standard ones and start from scratch each time. Am I missing something or am I screwed? (Or both?) Thanks in advance for any info on how to work around this!
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