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  1. JasonTaylor

    Dockable Dialogue Possible instead of modal?

    I'd like to display a list of callouts that can be drag/dropped onto the current drawing, having the window being modal breaks that flow
  2. Is it possible to dock a dialogue like a pallete ? Every example I can find seems to be Modal
  3. JasonTaylor

    Dialog Builder in 2017

    You were right wrong version number thanks
  4. JasonTaylor

    Dialog Builder in 2017

    I've installed the workspace and the plugin and vectorworks crashes as soon as I try and open it... Any ideas? Is there a log file anywhere?
  5. JasonTaylor

    Callout Active Database by API

    Got an official response import vs import os import webbrowser from tkinter import Tk def execute(): vs.AlrtDialog( 'This script will set a different Callout database per Vectorworks file. Specify xml file in the next dialog.' ) title = 'Select xml database file...'; defaultFolder = vs.GetFolderPath(14) + 'Notes'; mask = 'xml'; ok, fileName = vs.GetFileN(title, defaultFolder, mask) if ok: gObjName = 'Callout' h = vs.GetObject(gObjName) vs.SetRField( h, gObjName, 'Link To Database', 'True' ) vs.SetRField( h, gObjName, '__dbName', fileName ) vs.SetRField( h, gObjName, '__dbUUID', '{F2920FA1-ADE2-4ECA-A796-71FA67CD89E7}') vs.AlrtDialog( 'Assigned an xml file as Callout database per Vectorworks file' ) execute()
  6. JasonTaylor

    Callout Active Database by API

    Anybody know if it is possible to set the call out active database for the current file by the API (python)?


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