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  1. Hi Sally


    Exactly, it disappears after importing, as soon as I try and adjust it in anyway (both the Condor and Scissor Lift do the same thing, except I had a moment where I imported the Condor into a new spotlight template file and it worked there). The parts do all seem to be there.


    I've uploaded my file to see if you have the same trouble.



    Condor : Scissor Lift Test.vwx

  2. Hi Sally

    I tried importing it into my drawing, but as soon as try to adjust or move it, it still disappears. Any ideas what that is? I can send vwx file if that helps.



    Scissor Lift

       1,028    19

    I've been trying to use the scissor lift symbol and the condor one in VW2021. Everytime I import it into my model, as soon as I try to move it (or rotate it or adjust it) in anyway, it disappears from my project. Does anyone have any ideas what I'm doing wrong, or is it a 2021 glitch?


    Thanks for any advance replies. And thanks for buidling these marionettes. They're really fantastic and useful.



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