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  1. I'm having a problem with V17 design series. I've inserted a heliodon in my model so I can render with shadows etc... and am using this with a physical sky background. This is all working fine except for one thing. For a time the shadows disappeared and weren't rendering. I eventually figured out this was something to do with a class I had subsequently turned off because I no longer needed it. This isn't the class that the heliodon object is in. Turn that random class on and you have shadows. Turn it off and you don't. Having read around the subject I can't work out why this is happening and what the link to that class is. This seems important for understanding how to control shadows in future files. Any one have any ideas why this might be happening?
  2. I'm trying to find a way to get the entourage 2D 'people' symbols (as included in the resource pack) to align automatically to the camera. Reading in these forums it seems like this wasn't possible until recently but a means of achieving it has now been introduced by way of creating image props. Is there an easy to convert these 2D symbols into IPs? I've played around but can't seem to find one. So far the best I've been able to come up with is starting from scratch via Model>create image prop, which is all a bit long-winded.
  3. Embarrassing admission time. I believe I figured out what the problem was. It's likely that I was using the 'top' view rather than 'top/plan'. Having checked, switching to the latter resolves the problem most of the time. Sometimes objects can't be grabbed on initial opening of the file, even in top/plan. However, inserting a new object seems to wake up that ability. Sorry for wasting your time Jim.
  4. Hmm. Its mysteriously started working now, all within the same session. No idea what it is that's done that as I don't think i've changed any setting. I'll send you the file if it decides it doesn't like it again - which I suspect it will.
  5. I'm not sure you'd see anything from the object itself. Are you wanting to see the various toolbars and others settings?
  6. Yeah, it's not that. That was one of the first things I checked.
  7. I'm trying to re-learn Vectorworks after a long break. I'm currently running a student 2017 license. I'm experiencing an unexpected and seemingly fairly basic problem with objects inserted into walls in a file i've been working on. Basically, after inserting windows and doors, whilst i'm able to select them, i'm then unable to 'grab' them and move them with the cursor, either within the same wall or to move them out or elsewhere. The only way to move them is by using 'set position' in the OIP. I can't even get the grab grip to appear on the selection cursor for the object. This problem doesn't seem to effect other files I've been working with. However, when I take objects from these (which I know to work) into the problem file, they too become un-grabbable. The opposite applies if I use objects that I can't grab in this file in others, whereupon the problem disapears. Annoyingly I can't seem to isolate what the issue with this particular file is. I've tried switching between Architect and Landmark workspaces, varying snap properties, messing around with auto-classing, changing wall and object properties, but no dice with any. I'd really rather not have to abandon this file and start again, so any thoughts on what the problem might be would be much appreciated. Apologies in advance as I'm guessing this is going to turn out to be something pretty basic that i've overlooked...
  8. I'm new here and a returner to VW after a long break. I've been trying to get my head around some of the changes in VW17. I'm having particular difficulty with something quite basic - that is the hardscape tool in Landmark particularly in relation to object elevation (z) levels. I've no trouble setting the elevation for hardscapes of 3d type 'slab' when creating these directly using the hardscape tool: the slab defaults to the elevation of the design layer. However, something odd seems to occur when I create these from existing polygons using the "create objects from shape" option instead. The new hardscape slab seems to automatically adopt an elevation that's 2x that of the design layer (i.e. if the DL and polygon elev. is 1000 the slab will come in at 2000 and if they're -500 the slab comes in at -1000). I'm having to manually correct this using the object settings elevation field after each hardscape has been converted (which is a pain and easily forgotten about). I've played around no end with the hardscape tool settings to try and avoid this but am stumped. All I can think is that there's a bug wherein the elevation of the existing polygon is mistakenly adopted as the ground plane during conversion - hence the doubling. However, this seems like such a basic workflow that I can't imagine that's right and figure I must be doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated - if only to tie up a lose end and set my mind at rest.


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