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  1. Hello, I wanted to see if there are any advantages when starting a newer software to start from scratch with some of my template files. I was wondering if the transfer over several versions of over the years can cause any un wanted "junk" in the file. I will give an example. I have a template I use that has my sheet layers set up with title blocks and all the common sheets I will use for most drawings. I also have lighting labels set up with a few lighting fixtures symbols, dimensions settings, attribute defaults and some scripts. To transfer to new software I just open a drawing up in 2017 and save it as a regular file. Then I would open it in 2018 and save it as template. I have done it this way for several years. Note there are very minimal textures and symbols this drawing. Only what I need to keep the Label Legends correct. I bring all other symbols in from another resource when drawing. The reason I bring this up is that I have had some files that can get pretty slow and do not have a lot of detailed geometry in them. Thought I would toss it out there and see if I should just make that file from scratch to clean up everything or.......


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