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  1. That's awesome Matt, thanks so much. Everything is working like normal again! Not sure how i managed to put lines that far away. Still getting used to VW! :-)
  2. On VW 2016 SP6. I'll send on the file and hopefully the graphics problem can be sorted. Thanks
  3. Thanks for your reply Matt. I changed the roof to roof faces and used a polygon with the clipping tool to create an opening. To delete it, the only way i could was to use a rectangle and add surface which effectively filled it in. It was a bit more difficult to select it to modify it. While i was creating openings in my roof for 4 gable roofs it somehow deleted part of the main roof. Not sure why it would do this! Since then, I've had graphic trouble in OpenGL mode while in 3D orbit. Very pixelated and walls and roofs can sometimes disappear or go transparent but not deleted from the file etc. Worried it's now corrupt!
  4. Hi everyone, I am modeling a building in 3d in VW's but when I orbit/flyover the 3d view in OpenGL the walls went transparent and pixelated. Same with the roof. I deleted a polygon and put imported cad files on a different layer which helped with the transparency somehow. I have attached a screenshot to show what it looks like. This only happened today while I was working on the roof. Everyday up to this point I have had no graphic issues. Help!
  5. Hi, I am trying to align some wall faces....Is there a feature to select the right wall in place and align all other walls to it? Thanks
  6. Hi Retondo, thanks for your reply. I'm using VW 2016. Still struggling to edit the roof opening!
  7. Thanks for your reply. I have attached a roof plan of what i'm trying to cut. I moved my gable roof so need to update the cut. I ungrouped the main roof but I still cant locate the opening to edit it. Is there a way to tab through the area to find the opening?
  8. Hi everyone, I have a roof which was created by create roof and wanted to add a small gable roof to it. The problem now is once i create an opening in the main roof, how can i edit it or delete it things change? I find it strange I can't edit this void as we all know how elements in the design process change all the time! and can I extend the roof to meet the main roof? Thanks
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