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  1. The problem seems to have gone away after Windows 10 fall creators update. Tried installing Vectorworks 2018 now after updating Windows and everything worked fine. Paavo
  2. Hi, I'm having trouble with the Vectorworks 2018 student version installer. The installer always closes at the beginning of the installation phase (after confirming the install location). Steps to reproduce: 1. Download Vectorworks2018-SP0-389445-SeriesE-installer5-win.zip from the Vectorworks student portal. 2. Extract installer 3. Run installer 4. Enter data, accept the terms and read readme. 5. At the beginning of the installation step the installer closes at 1%. There is no error. This happens on both my desktop and laptop computer. Changing the installation folder doesn't have any effect. Both machines have enough free space available. Running Windows 10 on both machines. Is there some way to get more information from the installer? And is there maybe others with similar problems? Paavo
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