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  1. Thanks! Where do I get those accessories?
  2. Hey there. Because the stock Arri fixtures don't come with barndoors in 3D, I was trying to add them manualy by inserting 4 extruded rectangles and linking them with the parts database (body). Unfortunately I'm not able to define the barndoors to align with the focus-point. Does anyone know how to specify these rectangles to align in 3D?
  3. Hey there. Currently I'm facing the problem that not all visible lights in my drawing are rendered. When I turn all lights on only the ones are rendered ( Renderworks fast ) that are also visible in OpenGL. ( 8 pcs. ) Only if I select "light fog" all spotlights are visible.
  4. The Problem is not the orientation of the fixture itself but the output of the light beam. As you can see in the first picture in my post above, the lamp is facing upwards but the light output is on the ground. If I define a Focus-Point, the light-beam is going the right way but the lamp itself is tilted 180° in the wrong direction ( in Open-GL ). If I render, everything looks fine.
  5. Hey there, I have a 3D headlight symbol, which is looking with the "head" downwards after inserting. When I'm tilting the head for 180 degrees in the 3D frontview, the headlight is looking upwards but the light is still projected to the bottom! How do I change the light orientation in my 3D headlight? Greetings The Dude


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