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  1. I am using the James Thomas Super Truss B1304 gate.
  2. This is 2020. I used auto connect for the gates. they get placed in the middle of the truss still. And there is no way to "T" a truss with the auto connect.It just goes to the end of the existing truss run. I had to move the truss into position manually.
  3. Using James Thomas 20.5 x 20.5 Supertruss. Laying out a simple grid. I can corner without issue. When I try to "T" a truss and use a gate it all breaks down and I get loads of errors. What am I doing wrong? Attached is an example of what I am talking about. Also - why do the gates default to the middle of the truss and work BUT when you move them to the correct position they fail?
  4. I use a logo in my title block / border tool to represent my company. However, I pretty consistently am providing drawings for other companies - through my company - who want their own logos in the title block. Same clients mostly. Question is, is there a way to make a selectable logo parameter? I know I could duplicate the whole style and change the logo and deal with multiple styles to choose from... But a simple logo switch would be better... Any ideas?
  5. Yes, I know all that. Question is - why are the defaults different colors? Shouldn't Audio colors remain the same throughout the program? Why make them one color in one part of the program and another color in another part of the program? Seems a little inconsistent.
  6. Is it possible to edit the Point Load or Distributed Load colors to match the default hoist colors? It is almost maddening to insert an audio hoist and have it default to yellow and have an audio point load default to red. I have tried to adjust via class and it won't change. Any ideas?
  7. Is there a way to replace truss without having to do every piece by itself? Like you can with lighting fixtures... Select all of it and hit replace?
  8. Hey guys - Thanks! Everything is working as it should. Y'all rock!
  9. @Andy Broomell Ok. That worked. Thanks! How would you handle a template file that you want the whole office to use?
  10. I have. Restarted. And right click refreshed. Both.
  11. Hmmm... so I set it up as you guys suggested - I copied the folder hierarchy from the user folder ... Z:\Library\CAD\Vectorworks\Vectorworks Workgroup Files\Libraries\ And through the resource manager I can access the .vwx files that I put in \Favorites- but not through the workgroups option - still the favorites option... If I right click on one of the files and select show in explorer - it shows it in my Vectorworks Workgroup Files folder... Is this how that is supposed to work? Also, I have a template file in Z:\Library\CAD\Vectorworks\Vectorworks Workgroup Files\Libraries\Defaults\Templates But it does not show up in the option for a new file from template... Nothing shows up under the workgroups icon in the resource manager (see attached).... Is there another step to do to get Vectorworks to use the template in the workgroup location?
  12. @zoomer I edited the path down to just the \Vectorworks 2018... Still no dice. I've seen posts about having to have specific sub-folders... does this apply to favorites folders as well? That's why I added the "\Libraries\Favorites" part. But that doesn't work...
  13. We have a multi seat network license for Spotlight / Fundamentals. I want to create a common (on our server) location for everyone to grab symbols from so our drawings are consistent. I've made .vwx files from the default libraries of the lighting fixtures we use most often and audio symbols we use most often etc. I can get these to display in the Resource Manager under Favorites but this way requires coworkers to download and reinstall the files on their hard drives whenever there is a change to one of those files. I cannot seem to get a workgroup set up (is this the best option for what Iam trying to do?). I am confused by the file structure requirements... I am using the following: Z:\Library\CAD\Vectorworks\Vectorworks Workgroup Files\Vectorworks 2018\Libraries\Favorites where "Vectorworks Workgroup Files" is the file location on the server. But nothing shows up in the resource Manager after I update the User Folders within VW Options and restart... Is it possible to use custom .vwx files in a workgroup? What am I missing?
  14. Any James Thomas or Tomcat spigot truss...
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