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  1. Thanks everyone. You are correct...the fit walls to objects command proved to be the easiest way of achieving this. I really appreciate all the input. Ron
  2. Hi There, I'm still a newb to 3d creation, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I have created walls for a model of a new home build. The roof of the home is a tall A-frame style roof. I have used the Split tool to cut my angles for the roof line. After cutting the walls, they all become Solid Sections. Is there a way to convert them back to a walls or should I be doing this a different way? All of the selected walls in the attached image have been converted to Solid Sections. Thanks, Ron
  3. That fixed it. Thank you. Another question... Is there a way to make the light fixtures themselves show a source light. Trying to make the light's lens look as if it were glowing. Thanks again. Ron
  4. Hi there, This is my first post on the site, please forgive me if it's posted incorrectly or if I have forgotten to add something. I am currently working on a Stage design for my church. I have installed two groups of lighting fixtures, 4-Elation Design Wash LED & 6 - Elation Platinum Spot LED III. If I render in Final Quality Renderworks, the rendering produces light beams from the lights, but the actual quality of the room, walls and auditorium chairs does not look realistic. When rendering using the Renderworks Interior Final setting, the room elements look great, but the beams do not appear. I have tried adding fog, but this did not change the results. In this mode, the only way that I can identify the lighting is from the beams that are created on the floor or stage at my focus points, and the element of the beam that appears to be directly reflected from running along a wall. Any help or guidance that can be given would be greatly appreciated.


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