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  1. The new SP1.1 is even worse.... In addition to the glitches mentioned above, I am crashing on simple bitmap traces and I get an error when I try to export to webview.
  2. Thanks all for the replies... Not exactly sure what I did to fix it, but is working again... Purged the document, restarted the program, then my entire system, then chanted a black magic spell upon my entire workspace... For the record, that Marshall only goes to 10. Lol
  3. When I try to render this scene, my program goes bananas and renders a blank screen. The render time takes all of 3 seconds... What am I doing wrong? PC V2018 SP3 NVIDIA 1060 Video Card Asus Strix Laptop
  4. For some reason I have lost the ability to start using a tool and hitting tab to input values on my keypad. I can hit tab and it goes in to the values but I cannot alter them to specify what I want... Please help!
  5. Hello, I am a novice user and seem to have lost the ability to tab in to set my dimensions as I model. To elaborate, if I pick the square tools and start my shape by clicking on an area of the screen.... Once I hit tab to input my x and y, I no longer have the ability to input these dimensions. How can I fix? Thank you, BVR


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