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  1. Can you change the color of a projector. When I pull one in it always comes in as blue
  2. It's all good. I had missed the notice about VW 2018, and Mojave not playing nice together. So I reverted back to High Sierra, via my Time Machine backups. Only took 3 attempts, and 10 hours to do so. But I was able to do my 20 minutes of client revisions as soon as I got there. Thank you for responding.
  3. So, I updated to SP5, and now whenever I try to open any drawing VW crashes
  4. I had not, I hadn't seen there was an update, because I kept getting the notice for VW 2019. I'm updating now and will see if that helps. Thank you
  5. For some reason whenever I try change a text block it causes the program to freeze up. It took a full 5 minutes (spinning beach ball of death) for me to type in "10' x 10' Tent". Any thoughts on what's causing this? I'm still using VW 2018, on a Macbook Pro
  6. Well to be perfectly honest, a copy was given to me. But yes I do make needed changes, before converting to a dwg. As with most CAD softwares, there are multiple ways of doing just about anything. As you said, paraphrasing... "a viewer with a different conversion option"
  7. I purchased a copy of AutoCAD light. I use it to export AutoCAD files to DWG's than import them to VW.


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