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  1. Yes this is still available.
  2. FINAL OFFER!!! 2100 INCL. VAT. Come on people this is a bargain :-)
  3. Still for sale. New offer is 2500 incl VAT.
  4. That's odd. How much are you willing to pay for it then?
  5. I have a VWA + almost a year support for sale. Including VAT it was almost 4000 euro. Willing to part from it for 3000 incl VAT. It is a dutch version but I have it on good authority that the language can be changed on request.
  6. We recently (few weeks ago) bought a Vectorworks 2017 (Pro License). It's a permanent license with updates and support for a year. It's a Dutch version (NL) but normally it should be possible to have it in a different language for example English. The new price was 3926,45 euro VAT incl. And we would like to sell it for 3000 VAT incl. Reason for selling is the person that was going to use it, is no longer joining our team, so we no longer need this license unfortunately.