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  1. WE ARE ON OS 10.1.5 WITH VW 9.5.2. Solved the rotated text problem but the thing about lines disappearing at high magnification is still there. any help?
  2. 1.On screen two pieces of identical text appear the same but when printing one of them turns 90 degrees and prints sideways... why does it do this. Could it be a hangover from a conversion from VW 8 and if so how do i rectify it? 2. Why do lines disappear in drawings, especially in symbols at a magnification above 1000% ? It makes it impossible to draw anything detailed. thanks for your help
  3. iTunes was running on some stations but not all the ones that experienced the problems. files are on a network drive and the problem happened with 9.5.1. ???
  4. Using VW 9.5.2 on OS 10.14 with a G4 with 512 MB memory. brand new system with very clean machines but for some reason several people here are reporting an increasing sluggishness in VW and only in VW. it gets incredibly slow so that it becomes almost impossible to work on. file sizes are reasonable, usually around 4 or 5 M so i dont think that is the problem. Can anyone suggest what might be the cause of the problem?
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