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  1. Thanks Lamberto, I haven't been able to put your script to use just yet, but I'm really grateful. I'll let you know how I get on. Nick
  2. Lamberto, hi thanks for the offer of the script. I'm not up on script editing etc. yet, but would love to have a look. Could you post it or is email better? email me: brick_nistow(at)hotmail.com That would be great. Ziska - nice stuff, very stylish.
  3. I have done some searching on the forums and it seems that I am not alone in wanting a simple way to create a spiral staircase. I am aware that there is a Plug In Object, but I don't want to create anything that complex. All I would like to do is create a keyhole shaped column/step combination, then rotate it around a vertical axis running through the round column end while offsetting it in the Z direction. Any ideas on how to do this? Perhaps this is another idea for the 3D wishlist - a 3d duplicate array which can rotate around a locus and offset in the z direction at the same time. Cheers, Nick
  4. BaRa: http://www.nemetschek.net/news/greco_review.html Thanks for adding this to the wishlist Biplab, if VW is serious about getting into the 3d markey then surely it needs to have the ability to have the 4 window setup of many 3D modellers (i.e. Top, Front, Right, Perspective) all visible at once. I'm not aware of a way to do this in VW. It seems to me that there is definitely space for VW in the market as an affordable, yet robust NURBS modeller for the Mac. To really get that space I think that the ease of use and interface needs some work. I did read the post about keeping the number of commands low for NURBS surfaces, but it seems to me that this means that users have to learn workarounds which is a less transparent way of working. Just some thoughts, cheers, Nick
  5. Very frustrating, I'm not sure that Vectorworks' claim to be up there with Rhino and other 3d modellers is quite justified yet...
  6. I have been trying to duplicate a series of spheres along a 3d nurbs curve. Using the the duplicate along path in the 2d palette works with a nurbs curve, but the spheres are only aranged in a plane, following the path in 2d but not 3d, is there a way to do this in 3d? Thanks a lot, Nick
  7. Thanks Matthew, that helps to explain a lot, Nick.
  8. Thanks Kristen, I'll have a go with the workgroup referencing though I'm still puzzled about the symbols. Also the size of the file seems to jump around quite considerably depending whether solids are subtractions, additions or meshes etc. Does anyone know which type of solid is most efficient and whether that has any effect on render times? Might be barking up the wrong tree completely, but any thoughts are greatly appreciated, Nick.
  9. I have a file roughly 3Mb in size which contains two small 3D buildings. I need to put multiple copies of the buildings into another drawing. I have defined them both as symbols and use the 3d symbol insert tool to place them. In the manual it states that an advantage of symbols is that the definition is stored only once and all that is required for each location is placement information (therefore keeping the file size small) yet after placing one of the symbols five times in the drawing the file size has jumped from 3Mb to 10.5Mb. Please could someone explain why as it is slowing down my work as the file quickly becomes too large to cope with. thanks for your time, Nick. Vectorworks 9.5.2 on OS X 10.1.5
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