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  1. Thanks very much for your reply So, has the issues referred to in these posts been resolved? The phenomena raised are a real concern. Also, it's not totally clear how view of projects are handled, in CPU or GPU. Thanks again.
  2. Hi, Thinking of investing in a s/h copy of VW2015 from the trading pages here. Can people confirm it's "lag free" in it's operation? Panning and zooming. With background maps Compared to the new versions that have reports of laggy operation. Cheers,
  3. When you say georeferenced, is that just having the coordinate system? All imports are to scale and georeferenced already. So, would any exports back to ACAD need to have this intact?
  4. Wow, thanks for your lengthy post. Very thoughtful The lag issue I'm concerned about is that which is reported for later versions where panning and zooming is really slow This I am very keen to avoid With regards to workflow, images come in via a dwg import These dwg files are created through an AutoCAD plug-in that links with Google Earth and Bing Background maps are single images and not big typically, just Max res Google Earth images. Maybe 20 Meg Currently there's no option to produce tiled images Many thanks again for your thoughts
  5. Hi, Thinking of investing in a s/h copy of VW2015 from the trading pages here. Can people confirm it's "lag free" in it's operation? Any other considerations to be aware of? Am on PC. Basic mapping work over aerial images is what I'll be doing with it. Also, is there a transfer fee? Cheers,
  6. Hi, Anyone got copy of VW 2015 or 2016 to sell? Basically any version not affected by laggy performance. PC ideally, if that makes a diff. Many thanks in advance
  7. Hi, Am working with imported images that are imported as embedded DXFs. For this reason I'm not able to control the path settings for the image. Is there a way to find out if the image is embedded into VW or modify this linking in any way? Cheers,
  8. Many thanks. I will do this. These are georef'ed layouts so no 0,0 coordinates for me
  9. Thanks, Yes I do. It's not that useful when the page is literally miles away from the viewport. And cannot be seen at those zoom levels. It's like fumbling around for a tiny white dot on a white background. Can the page be moved with a key command?
  10. Hi, Is there a way to automatically relocate the page (printable area) to the centre of a new viewport? - without having to zoom out massively and try to spot it's current location and drag it manually. Cheers,
  11. Am attempting to import some DXF files. They are saved as early version. In this case the import completes with no errors but there's nothing to see, click or select. Have tried select all and zoom selection. Appears to be nothing there. Anyway to diagnose this issue? Cheers
  12. Having this issue with JPGs. Fairly big 46MB. Should still be in range though no
  13. Hi, Having some trouble with styles applying to objects when selecting new class. Is there a way to reliably apply style settings from classes without having to assign each of the attributes to "class style"? Seems to work sometimes and others not. Have set all to "use at creation" Thanks a mill for any tips Cheers
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