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  1. Many thanks! Enjoy pristine Maine!
  2. Thank you, Will. Yes, GL seems to be the context for these constant crashes. I cannot save the file without crashing! Perhaps we have the same Intel Core i7 chip architecture. Have you found that one OS X release is better than another w.r.t. VW18 crashing? Thank you!
  3. @willofmaine I just completed drafting a timberframed barn using Vectorworks 2018 SP2. Each post, summer beam, purlin, and subordinate dimension-lumber sticks were defined individually and then put to together into a beautiful, coherent building: Timberframe.pdf This building was not quite 2D drafted, but it did not use the AEC tools and other auto-generated objects that seem to cause VW to stagger -- only a concrete stem wall and a set of stairs. I then drafted a two-story house having (4) sets of stairs and auto-generated objects (roof, floors, walls), plug-in windows and doors, and a few fixtures and appliances. Both the timberframe and the house projects resulted in ~30MB .vwx files. Yet, VW18 handles the timberframe with ease, never lagging, or hiccuping. I can rotate it, flyover it, stand it on its head. VW18 has never frozen or crashed interacting with the Timberframe. But if I just click on a plug-in or attempt to the file, the house project will crash -- sometimes 5 times in 5 minutes. Very disappointing. Any pointers on which heavy-weight objects tend to make VW18 crash? My daily driver is
  4. Got it. One (motion) picture is worth a thousand words. I had diligently read the 2018 Brochure with its various sub-paths and videos, but somehow missed this. Could you recommend other reading/viewing that might spare me further ignorance in the semantics of VW 1018? Thank you for your help and for any further guidance.
  5. I have been using resources from Andersen Door Catalog.vwx and Andersen Window Catalog.vwx for more than a year now when suddenly these two files had nothing in them except for two doors and three windows respectively. Under VW 2018, the cupboard is still bare. I have installed packages from Help > Download Content > Vectorworks Package Manager, but still get no results. I have, of course, rebooted my machine. This could be something simple, but after some weeks of intermittent problem-solving, I am at a deadend. Many thanks.


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