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  1. I see this frequently - if I open a second tab, do some work in that tab, and then try to jump back to the first tab, it'll show where I left off on the first tab but any navigation, etc will mysteriously occur on tab 2. I always figured it must be a Windows-specific problem...? I've noticed it throughout VW 2018 (I'm currently up to date), and I'm fairly certain that I experienced the same issue on '17.
  2. I've found that when I'm doing quick test renders on the design layer (this is often where I encounter the 5-second render of nothing) if I pop into Top/Plan view and then back to OpenGL before each render attempt it'll avoid the issue. Quick changes of gobo textures and focus points on a detailed file will cause this quickly. I thought I had a sure-fire way to cause the issue: start a FQ, fast, or custom render in a sheet layer (with Spotlight fixtures and lighting), cancel it while it's in pre-render, and then immediately try updating again. Of course, now I can't get it to crash anymore...
  3. What's happening more and more to me is that when I make small (3D and lighting) adjustments on my drawing, they'll show up fine in OpenGL, but if I render the scene the objects show up in their previous locations. Which can be rather frustrating when I don't figure it out quickly. (I'll keep making small adjustments to a light and think they aren't enough, only to realize that the render engine isn't working properly and the light is actually way too bright now.) It's gotten to the point where I need to plan out an extra hour on each 4 to 8 hour project I do, just to allow time for all of the restarting and fighting with non-updating light objects and symbols.
  4. I deal with this issue at least a few times a week, and it never happens on the first render attempt after a program start. I can pretty reliably get it to happen if I attempt to update quickly after cancelling a previous render. (Particularly if I don't change anything in the OIP.) Sometimes I'll have issues where certain Spotlight fixtures (particularly ones with gobos) won't show up at their labeled focus points properly; and whenever I fix those issues I almost always get a black viewport afterwards. If I edit the camera view after a black viewport render, I'll get exactly one properly-rendered viewport, and then anything after that just shows up black again until I re-edit a camera. Also, I haven't had any luck with closing/opening the file - I've always had to fully restart Vectorworks to get rid of the problem. Thanks for looking into this problem - if it's fixed, it'll be a massive help to my workflow. Especially if it's connected to some of the problems I've experienced trying to render Spotlight fixtures/beams.
  5. Hi there, I've noticed that whenever I 'Force Select' an object, it activates the layer but doesn't change the active class. This has been the case among many documents, and occurred with VW 2017 as well. Any thoughts?
  6. Looks like everything's working now in the original file and others...maybe shutting down the computer fully did the trick. Thanks!
  7. Thanks, although unfortunately it looks like I'm still having the problem after doing both of those things. It's also crashing when I attempt to do anything with focus points, and when adjusting certain things within 3D symbols.
  8. Hi there, I just updated to SP5 the other day, and now anytime I select any of the DWG/DXF import options, everything crashes immediately. Any suggestions on how to get around this, aside from making the jump to 2018? Thanks!
  9. Hi there, I need to open a .msh file and convert it to .obj, preferably using Vectorworks. It recognizes the .msh file when I use the 'Import OBJ' function, but attempting to open it results in a message saying that the file needs at least one closed face. Any ideas on what might work, or other programs I may need to use?
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