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  1. I am currently experiencing the same thing. This is a really bad problem/bug. I imported some EAPs from another model and they at first show up in design layers, but after navigating between different views they disappear and cannot be found. BUT, they do show up in section/elevation viewport. BUT promptly disappear when I enter the design layer of the viewport or select the new 2018 function of edit Section-In-Place. I managed to have them show up briefly when I tried to delete the class they were on and merged them with the "none" class. But now they are gone again.
  2. Does anyone have an efficient method for developing a Material ID render pass? My best solution so far is just to render out the same viewport in a non-shaded polygon. Any other tips on render passes(i.e.. reflection, normals etc.) would be very helpful. Thank you
  3. Patrick West

    VW 2018 Export to Web

    Same Issue here... really strange
  4. Patrick West

    VW 2018 Export to Web

    I had the same question. While it is nice to know that it is user error, is there any estimated timeline on when we can have this feature up and running again? thanks Kevin.
  5. I am connected to the internet, yet Upload Webview to Vectorworks Server is disabled. It is grayed out and I cannot select the option. Any hints on why this is?


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