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  1. My life got 400% better today. I can live with the no rotation viewport problem, but thanks a bunch for letting me know. I am sure you saved me a massive headache waiting in my future. Tim
  2. I did add my dimensions in the design layer. Your method does work much better. Did I miss this in the tutorials? I don't remember any of them talking about this kind of organizational issues. Tim
  3. I am a new user with the 2017 student version of Vectorworks. I went through the getting started and several other Youtube videos and my startup has been pretty fast. I never expected to get this far so fast. I am, however, running into an issue. I am working on a retail space that is composed of several parts that need to be detailed individually. I started by modeling the entire display in 3d and then made viewports of the individual components and placed them on sheet layers. I have a design layer that contains the entire modeled space in 3d. I have a sheet layer for the viewport of the floor plan from the model, and I have sheet layers that contain viewports of the individual cabinets. I created a top, front and side viewport drawings using three different viewports. When I add the dimensions I get ALL the dimensions of the whole space. I worked around this by making individual classes for each cabinets dimensions, but when I add the cabinet's dimension class, I still get all the dimensions for that cabinet and not just the ones for the view I am working on. Am I doing this wrong? It seems there must be an easier way. Tim


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