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  1. Hi guys,
    I've receive a DWG files to make a 3d model in VW and I have a problem with them, looks like I could only work with them at 2D Plan.
    I attached a jpg files to show you what I mean. 
    Is there's something I do wrong ? The file in the middle (backlit) is join as a reference file, elevations are copy and paste in to the file. Either way I can't work with this dwg files in others than 2D plan view.
    Thanks a lot for any help!
    Alice  :$

    Zrzut ekranu 2017-11-27 o 12.06.37.png

    Zrzut ekranu 2017-11-27 o 12.06.50.png

    Zrzut ekranu 2017-11-27 o 12.07.01.png

  2. Hi there,
    What is the best way to apply tiles on wall? Make a renderworks texture and apply it on the wall? I mean if I do that, then tiles will be all over wall (and I would like to have tiles only in bathroom).  Or should I make a plane, extrude it, and then apply it ( attached print screen ). 
    I would appreciate your help. And if you had any good links to tutorials, please share with me.
    Thanks a lot for help, good guys! :) 

    Zrzut ekranu 2017-10-02 o 16.03.46.png

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