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  1. I am using VW Landmark version 9.5.1 with the VW setup and Taskmanager. I created a small DTM with about 40 3D loci over a property aprox. 150x180 feet. I go to the 'DTM processor' 'views options' and select smoothed contours, and labels (in the 2d section). I click OK, the contour lines usually show up, but jagged, the labels sometimes show, sometimes don't. I managed to get the contours to smooth by selecting 'grayed' option in the classes... 2D major and minor contour lines. However each time I use the taskmanager these settings switch back and I have jagged dark contour lines again that overlay everything else. Using the taskmanager also seems to delete my contour line elevation labels, even though when I go back to 'DTM processor' 'view options' the labels box is still checked - rechecking it and then using sitemodel update doesn't work. Also, why do contour lines elevation labels only give the option to mark those lines which are open polygons, and not closed elevation contours within the DTM sitemodel itself?...is there any way to click on a contour line to get its elevation reading so I can label them myself?
  2. When I import scanned images on my PC of previous site plans to quickly draw in property boundaries and building footprints etc. they import at approximately 2.5 times their scanned size. I check the images' size in Adobe and Paint where they are the expected size. When this is done on a Mac computer the images import at the correct size using exactly the same commands and image file. Is this a PC related problem? I have been using the scale objects command to correct this, which does okay, but I'm wondering if there is anything I could do to skip this and import at the correct size.
  3. Draftsperson needed for time sensitive residential plans: I am a fully licensed contractor who is seeking a VectorWorks CAD person to draw up some time sensitive architectural plans for a house design. Preferably I would like to complete the drawings in one sit down session of 8-10 hours where I sit in with the draftsperson to go over details. Ideally this would occur between 7th and 14th of August, and at the latest August 21st 2002. I am willing to fly to any U.S destination or fly the draftsperson to my home location of Sedona Arizona ? a beautiful red-sandstone canyon tourist destination only 2hrs from the Grand Canyon. The draftsperson should be fully competent using VectorWorks Architect and have extensive experience creating residential architectural plans. A graduate architectural student who is fast, competent with the software and has knowledge of residential architecture will also be considered. Interested parties can contact me via e-mail at morgan@sedona.net with a CC to rh27@dana.ucc.nau.edu. Thank you for your attention to this notice.


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