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  1. so when you use the truss insertion tool i don't believe you have to. attaching lighting is fine its other things like speakers and screens. but to answer your actual question, yes i have tried that but these things still dont attach properly to the truss. ALSO, when i want to do arrays off a single point and there is no truss required, how do you get that to attach to each other. i have tried converting the arrays to truss but still no luck the only work around i have found is to not include these items in the calculations and then inserting a load point on the truss where my speakers, screens, projectors, etc. are
  2. I am having an issue getting things like Speaker Arrays, or projectors/Screens to attach to truss to be included in the weight calculations ANyone have a solution?
  3. i never use borders, so this solution works for me
  4. so i think my biggest issue is that the standard title blocks don't work for me. i need a custom block that i can put what i want into it. but i cant find how to either use the one that i had in 2017 or make a new one and have it available to be me in the title block folder. each time i want to use it, i have to Re import my graphic template thing
  5. ahh, well thats helpful. however that doesn't fix the other slew of problems with the new system
  6. i am having an issue moving my seating around by nudging. I select the tables, Hold Shift, and the arrow i want to move it. It moves one space and then unselects itself and then a red error message yells at me that there are no items to nudge. Anyone else had this issue?
  7. So i am beyond frustrated with the title block issue. the way it worked in 2017 was perfect and i don't understand why it was messed with. My custom Title block from 2017 took 6 different calls to tech support to actually get into my drawing, then you cant scale the title block without editing the 2D component.....each time that you use it. Then after you have spent 45 min getting your title block in, getting it sized, changing the spacing from the edge of the paper (cause you cant just drag the thing over) you have a hell of a time to just enter in the data. what happened to the easy data entry box that allowed for quick labeling. THEN....after all that, the project/sheet information DOESN'T EVEN CARRY OVER TO THE NEXT SHEET!!! You have got to be kidding me. the title block should be the SIMPLEST part of the entire drawing, it shouldn't take you an hour and a half two put a title block on two drawing sheets. someone needs to rectify this situation IMMEDIATELY because this is NOT acceptable for a program that i have paid thousands of dollars for
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