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  1. Nemetschek, are there any features in VW 10 and 11 that have been removed from VW12? Software companies sometimes quietly remove or cripple features in newer versions of their software without announcing those changes. As I have VW Architect I am particularly interested in any 'backward' changes to that program.
  2. OK Katie, I'm waiting with bated breath. Here's hoping the fix will be released as a downloadable (free) upgrade in the near future.....
  3. Before adding all the wonderful new things that everyone wants below, how about getting the palette docking situation sorted out for Windows users? I know that Katie has a hard time trying to come up with reasons why it's now taken something like 2 years to sort this thing out with still no result "We're trying to get it fixed for the next release" but,for goodness sake, what's the use of releasing "new, improved" versions of VW if the new improved versions still continue with the same old problems? You are doing any excellent job Katie, but how about the same being said soon of the programmers? Pay them some overtime and get it fixed soon, PLEASE.
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