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  1. Hi Jim, I uninstalled and reinstalled Vectorworks, and the problem still persists. Do you have any more solutions?
  2. 1.) Started a few months ago. 2.) Migrated 3.) Yes, it happens even when VectoWorks application is closed I think it has something to do with MacOS Spotlight trying to catalog Vectorworks files in my email inbox. I'm not sure what the "Vectorworks Plugin" is, where I can access it, or how to fix it.
  3. I'm getting constant pop-up errors from MacOS Sierra saying "mdworker quit unexpectedly while using the VectorWorks plug-in." I click "Ignore" to clear it, then it pops up again approximately 60 seconds later. Anyone know what's going on? Vectorworks 2016 SP6 MacOS 10.12.5


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