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  1. I hadn't seen this. Very interesting. Gonna have to play with this some more.
  2. Awesome work! Going to be playing with this in the next couple of weeks once the start of this tour settles down. For now i actually ended up using a web app called EasyCargo3D. Its ok but doesn't provide the visual control i would like but it is super fast and easy to put a pack together.
  3. Hi All! So im looking to improve my workflow for creating Truck Packs for Touring Shows. Where i need to lay out all the cases and gear before hand. There are multiple parts to the system i would like to setup 1. Case Creation - Quick and efficient way to create a inventory of various size of cases in different qtys. Ideally i could make a spreadsheet with all my cases with their Dims/Qty and then Generate those cases within VW 2. Case Labeling - I need to be able to Label every case with whats in. Once again in my head i think it would be great if i could import a spreadsheet and in the process of creating the various cases at their correct size it also updates the record attached to that specific symbol so that it generates a label that shows on all four sides and the top of the case. 3. Easy way to Handle Stacking. This one is probably a pipe dream....but some way to extremely quickly say hey don't let these two symbols occupy the same 3d space but put this one on top of the other taking into account the other cases size of course. Alot of reason for this is when designing a truck pack i often find myself redoing it multiple times to optimize for Loading In and Out. Currently this just takes me to Long. On small shows under 4 trucks is fine but when working on bigger shows with 5, 10, 50, 100 trucks these time savings become huge. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
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