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  1. Simon you nailed it. Your comment of".....the struggles we face daily in a business where time is usually our number one enemy.", is spot on. Vectorworks please give us back the gift of time. Make your program fly on Mac & PC so we can too! We are usually exhausted from doing shows by the time we have time to sit down and draw/design a show so make it work so flawlessly that it wakes us up with awe and wonder about easy Vectorworks just made our lives. I really am interested in Brace Works, but do not want to invest in another program that is going to slow me down even more so I cannot embrace it yet. Please help me believe that it will be a wonderful experience by making Vectorworks do what it already does with speed and accuracy. Thanks, Troy
  2. Joshec, I agree with everything you have said and have all of those same problems and more. As far as 2019 being pretty amazing......I would be happy to have NO NEW features, but make the ones we already have work properly. Also I feel like we have gone backwards in the event seating section. Why can't we draw a seating section and simply draw a rectangle through it and clip it out like we used to be able to do. There are cool features in the event seating, but some that should be there are missing. Anyway.......Peace and now I will take a deep breathe, and spend another 4 hours trying to draw another 5,000 seat layout.
  3. My Vectorworks seems to be getting slower and slower everytime I upgrade. I am on 2018 SP4 (just updated yesterday). I have 32 gigs of ram on an I7 Alienware computer with a screaming video card it should be flying. CAD and sketchup are fast, but VW is turtle like. I was just deleting a line that was 40' long and it took 10 seconds! Not acceptable. Just entering data in the seating section tool takes forever! Anyone else having these problems? Thanks for the help!
  4. I have had the exact same issues. It doesn't happen all the time, but quite frequently. It typically happens if I zoom out some of the fixtures go away. I have to turn that class off and back on again and they reappear, but if I zoom they go away again. I too noticed that starting to happen in 2017. I agree with you Scott....VERY annoying! Not acceptable when you are drawing a lighting rig and the instruments disappear at will. Vectorworks can you please fix this problem? I paid $3,200 for the program and almost $700 each year for service select. I feel that this should be fixed. Thanks.


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