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  1. Update: If I drag the dimension text to the outside of the radius, I can then input a value in the DIM OFF field and it is honored. However, any change to the radius and the dimension text reverts back to centered inside. Annoying!
  2. I'm having problems with the DIM OFF value not being honored for radial dimensioning. I have tested it in a new/clean file. I am not able to grab the dimension value and move it anywhere other than completely outside of the dimension. Inside the dimension, it defaults to being centered along the radial dimension line. When I input a value (either +X or -X in the DIM OFF field of the OIP) the value is accepted but ignored. Any suggestions?
  3. Good suggestion. I'll keep that in mind as an option.
  4. I figured out a work around: place the worksheet on a Design Layer and break it up by using viewports on a Sheet Layer. But, is there another way to do this?
  5. Is it possible to display a worksheet on a drawing to flow into multiple panes? I have a long worksheet that is pulling title block style data to create a sheet index for a large project - and it is working great. However, it is long (165+ rows) and if I scale it to fit within the sheet border, the text is too small. I would like to "flow" the worksheet through a couple side-by-side panes/views so that it is legible. Any suggestions, or what am I missing in the worksheet preferences?
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