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  1. If you want to add a dimension, You have to edit the 2D symbol.
  2. I have created automatic lists with images...
  3. Many users of Vectorworks search librarys VWX. In Poland The Bimobject created Low quality librarys in rhino (plug-in: lena) without vwx. I found A lot of websites with revit and Archicad libraries without Vectorworks.
  4. Do you know websites with BIM libraries to Vectorworks? Do you know any producers who have Vectorworks BIM libraries on their website?
  5. Paaaul101


    When I rendering in the cloud I have angles. When I render at my computer everything is ok, the edges are smooth. What can I do wrong ??
  6. Can you help me with import LAS file?? In vectorworks In CloudCompare What I doing wrong ??
  7. How Can I create report with price list to 3d symbols?
  8. How to make a PDF files? If i choose publicatin , the views are recalculated and it takes a long time , too long . Thank you in advance
  9. Do you know why I don't see nothing in Navigation palette? Version : Landmark 2017 In attachment I put print screen.
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