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  1. Alt+F4

    Subdivide a Subdivision?

    Hello, is there a possibility to divide a subdivision (no pun intended) into two smaller subdivisions? Or to convert two subds into one? Anthony
  2. No luck, I can't seem to replicate the error - If it happens again I will screenshot it. Thanks for replying Luis M Ruiz and JimW. Anthony
  3. I believe buckets are the "chunks" or tiles that are rendered one after another in Renderworks. I re-rendered it eventually and forgot to duplicate the viewport - this time no white squares - so I didn't have the faulty image. I'm trying to do this right now.
  4. So I've started an exterior rendering and I accidentally double-clicked the viewport and so entered the actual model. When leaving the model again (like when leaving a group) by clicking the orange button and returning to my layout, the viewport had 1-2 buckets missing (white) and didn't fix this during the rest of the rendering process. Now the rendering is complete and the white buckets remain. I suspect this is because of me entering the model. This has not happened to me before and it bugs me because the render took quite long. Has this happened to anyone else before and who knows what the cause could be? Anthony