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  1. Thank you, this is what I was looking for. Master Snap points were turned off, probably after one of my troubleshooting sessions rummaging through the settings...
  2. If you make the light sources visible you can see that the sweep (shade) does block the light correctly, only when the light source is moved too far up it shows through the sweep. As if the "point light" were the scematic light bulb used to show the light source. Maybe in OpenGL the light source is computed not with the single point light in mind, but rather using the scematic bulb... Its weird and doesn't make sense.
  3. Z-position of the light source?
  4. Yes, now I see - I can't find any mistakes in the file, I think it should work, even though it doesn't. Bug?
  5. Just looked at your file - why would you want the poly on top of the site model to render at all? A solution would be to put the poly in a seperate class and not render it/also override that class with the orange one. Am I understanding your problem correctly?
  6. Yes, I agree. Sometimes it feels like VW has upgraded to 3D only recently but still mainly relies on 2D drafting views to do the modelling.
  7. Well it seems like his sweep (only the bottom part of the shade I believe) casts shadows correctly. It is the top part of the object that doesn't work, right? And if that is also a sweep, then you might have to check if it is a solid. (eg. the 2D Poly a closed shape)
  8. I've found Multiple Drawing Views in VW18 to help with this a lot because I can work in 2D Plan and ortho (not section so much) at the same time. A section implementation would be awesome though.
  9. A request for a new function/tool: "Make a 3D Loci an 'overriding' snapping point" Similar to a symbol insertion point, but customizable and connected to the group/symbol/solid etc., so that one can snap to a manually defined point. This would be useful because sometimes desired snap points aren't corners or edges - the workaround at the moment is to snap to a normal endpoint and then move the object by hand to the desired position. Can become quite time-consuming and tedious.
  10. Yes, this kind of specified snapping tool or setting would make things so much easier. Maybe post this into wishlist?
  11. Is your point light far away enough from the geometry? Possible workaround: Add another solid over your light source to prevent any shadows over the fixture. That second posts' third pic is confusing though: Is the highlighted solid blocking any shadows if you try it on its own? Maybe you have to reposition the light source further down...Want to include the file?
  12. Openable in VW2018 Architect no problems. What seems to your problem?
  13. Is your model reasonably scaled? I've found that very small or very big models (as they sometimes decide to be when imported as DWGs) also sometimes show this behaviour.
  14. No time right now, but might a clipping cube work? (just interested as I'm going to try something similar this week)
  15. Jep, happened to me once. I tried all kinds off stuff rapidly just to finish the project and after a few minutes of reopening, deleting the VP"camera" and reinstalling one, restarting VW etc. etc. it was all fine again. I did suspect that this had to do with the "camera" in the VP -- and as that is what I focused my chaotic troubleshooting on and it worked after, I now think that must have been the problem. Generally, the VP-cam is causing a few problems and needs too many workarounds to be useful. (But I just can't resist depth of focus)
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