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  1. egidoro

    New categories in existing viewport

    Thanks markdd, now it's all right.
  2. egidoro

    New categories in existing viewport

    OK, markdd, very good.. If instead, for example, I insert an object (from another file) that is on a class that does not exist in my drawing? In this case VW automatically creates a new class in the current drawing, but it does not allow me to choose its lvisibility level... Thanks
  3. egidoro

    New categories in existing viewport

    Sorry, you are right Markdd, I refer to CLASS of new objects in design layer. (In italian VW version, the classes are called categories)...
  4. Hello, I would like to know if adding new categories, is there a way to make them automatically appear active in existing viewports? Thank you
  5. egidoro

    Final 350 dpi render, suggestion request

    Hi Zeno, can you tell me how to get light effects on ceiling lights and on kitchen cabinets? I never get such realistic effect. Thank you.
  6. egidoro

    stop rendering

    Hi, I would like to know if I can stop a rendering instance (from viewport or publish command) in calculation phase and resume it in a second time, without losing the calculation already done. In case of a negative answer (as I fear), could it be interesting to integrate this function in next versions? Thank you
  7. egidoro


    Why did the file previews disappear? Now in each folder I have only the generic icon but no more the previews. The thing is very uncomfortable ... I've VW 2017 whith windows 8.1. Thanks
  8. egidoro


    Why this message opening the file??
  9. egidoro

    We need a wishlist campaign.

    A feature like this stairs would be really interesting. Current tool is too rigid that I prefer to build my stairs in 3D without ever using it. In general, I have noticed that some local versions already have much more complex functionality. So, often, the programming work has already been done. Just integrate functionalities in other local editions. Maybe in the later ones .. For example, I appreciated the "window" function of this local edition of VW 2014 (video from minute 2:58). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wm4Xydxiqyw However, in my last Italian version (VW 2017), this was not there yet. I have not yet updated to 2018 version, so I ask you if this feature is now integrated in VW 2018 (my local edition provides a cost of € 150 for trial...).
  10. egidoro

    Roof boundaries (clipped eaves/ verge)

    Very nice rendering. I would like this too. But for vw 2017 ... I do not have the 2018 version.
  11. egidoro

    strange black

    Zoomer, you're right. This is very bad. I'll fix it soon.
  12. egidoro

    Some of my favorite renderings

    I could know what renderpeople format files you import in VW? Thanks
  13. egidoro

    Some of my favorite renderings

    I like this.. Very very good.
  14. egidoro

    strange black

    Of course, I accept tips to improve render quality...


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