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  1. Hi Michael-- I did try looking around the drawing (using the Zoom center tool), and didn't find any objects. But that's an interesting thought. Andy, I didn't try removing the special characters. That's an odd one. Michael, did you need to remove the special character before you imported? Thanks, -Thorn
  2. Michael, thank you! I'm still curious why Sketchup isn't importing for me, but I am so grateful to have this! You are a hero.
  3. Hey Michael, I tried opening your Vectorworks file and got the attached error message. Are you using Vectorworks 2017?
  4. I am trying to import a Sketchup file into Vectorworks 2016. When I use "Import Sketchup File" and click on the chosen file, nothing happens. The Sketchup settings window doesn't open, and nothing imports. There isn't an error message, just nothing. The file window closes and I return to my Vectorworks screen. Here's what I've tried so far: -Restarted Vectorworks -Loaded in a new OS (I was using El Capitan. I updated to Sierra) -Saving Sketchup file to Desktop and trying to import from there -Backsaving Sketchup file to Sketchup 8, and saving that to Desktop All of this has resulted in no change. When I try to import, nothing happens. Is there a Vectorworks setting I'm missing that's blocking the import? Any advice would be much appreciated. Unfortunately the scenic designer I'm working with only uses Sketchup, and I only use Vectorworks. I attached the offending Sketchup file. Onērus Set V4 copy.skp


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