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  1. I am trying to save datavisualisations to my user folder and get the attached message. How do I create a template?
  2. I am trying to save data visualisations to my user folder to make them accessible. I get the message attached below. How do I create a template for data visualisations?
  3. Hello Dom Thankyou for sharing a useful tool! RandomSymbol in Area v2 works fine. Instead of importing and reshaping the geometry of the area in the marionette object i would like to draw the area poly and then link the command to teh polygon. I tried to repace the control geometry to a name node. Is there a bette way?
  4. The curtain wall doesn´t render as expected in Open GL. Glazing panels and Caps do not use the Class Textures that I assign to them. Hidden line rendering and "Polygon-Final Shaded" also fail. The curtain wall renders correctly in all other modes. Am I missing some settings or is this something that nees to be fixed in the next update? Exporting to Lumion also fails to include the glass texture. I run VW 2019 SP 3 for Windows. test curtainwall.vwx
  5. I have converted a file with a terrain model with texture beds from 2018 to 2019. If I try to convert the 3d display from 3d mesh to 3d extruded contours the program hangs. Is this a known issue?
  6. OK. Thankyou. I wonder if other users have experienced the same problem? As long as the publishing option works I have a solution, but it would be nice to be able to use the the other autoprocessing as well.
  7. I'm using PC, Windows 10. When i publish I get the option of rasterizing the pdf. On the cloud homepage I can't find this option under the prferences tab. Can this be the problem?
  8. I am talking about sending cutting files to the laser directly from vectorworks. The laser can cut and engrav depending on the the line settings. VW is unable to produce the line thickness that is necessary for cutting directly. file-preparation-(vectorworks)-1.pdf
  9. Type A7 VCS test 1.pdf When I publish pdf files to cloud services transparent png images process correctly. When I generate a pdf from the vw file uploaded to cloud I get this result. What settings do I need to use to avoid this?
  10. Thankyou for your replies. We have a lasercutter in our office. You send files to it like a printer and it reads red lines set to thickness 0.01 as cutting and up to 16 other line colours and thicknesses as engraving with different strength. I would like to set up everything in Vectorworks and send plot files to it directly without exporting via dwg/dwg and preparing the files in Autocad. (I prefer working i Vectorworks) Seems like something that should be possible to fix in a later release...
  11. Laser cutters are unable to read files prepared from Vectorworks. If it was possible to set line thickness to 0.01 it would be possible to to prepare the cutting files without exporting to Illustrator or Autocad. Is this something that could be fixed by a script? Thor Walter Andersen
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