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  1. That's what I found as well & that's the information I've shared with our shop mgr. He seems to be under the impression the shop can just access my drawings & simply mill from them. I just didn't know if I may have been missing a obvious link. Thank you very much for your response, I've been using VW since 2007 & have become semi-comfortable with what I need to do to accomplish for our company, but this has thrown a curve in my process. I appreciate all the valuable info I find on this platform. Cheers & Be Safe All !
  2. I’m the sole cad-operator for a plastic fabricator company, providing containment for waste mgt. & chemical control. I currently use VectroWorks 2020 as my primary drafting software, but only in 2D. Recently our fabrication department purchased a AVID CNC Pro Series machine to cutout simple pipe fittings out of solid HDPE sheet stock (up to 4” thick). The software they’re using is Vetric, by Aspire. The shop mgr. claims that VW & Vetric is essentially the same software, however, I’ve done considerable amount of research on compatibility from Vectorworks to Vetric and I cannot find the link between the two. I’ve discovered that I can export a VW drawing to .dxf which apparently Vetric can import and use (as per the “playbook” for Vetric). This is all new to me, and I’m at a loss – maybe I just don’t know where to look or what to look for (I feel like I showed up for a baseball game with a tennis racket). Is there anyone out there that would be so kind to please enlighten me, or help me through this difficulty I’m experiencing and maybe point me in the right direction? Also while I’m on this platform, I’m located in Huntsville, AL and it would be awesome if someone near me is also using Vectorworks and wouldn’t mind reaching out for a possible meetup. I sure would appreciate having some one-on-one time with another user ( obviously AFTER we are clear of all this terrible coronavirus, please be safe ). Thanks in advance, J. Yoder ( Plastic Fusion Fabricators, Inc. )


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