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  1. TS could you please clarify this in simpler terms as I am an OSX novice. Thanks
  2. I click and hold and nothing, TS is this what is happening to you too?
  3. what about click and then drag a selection marquis and everything else is then deselected?
  4. There is definitely somethiing wrong because your instructions work when I use Pedro's computer--I understand how the tool works and I use it on his--even when I activate click drag drawing it still works fine.
  5. Yes I do, I'm going to try and remove it right now and see what happens.
  6. KT it says "Click to insert revsion cloud" next to the wrench and I have [+] cursor, as for the dimension I had accidentally switched it to 3D mode...it's back now. TS has the same thing when he uses the revision cloud tool, and I treid it on Pedro's computer doing the exact same things and it work's just fine.
  7. Katie--my RC tool is still not operational, it literally just clicks off as soon as you click on the drawing it returns to the 2D selection arrow, and now this...TS no I don't have 'fixed witness length' turned on and as of right now it is restricted to this file. I do see a white 2D selection arrow [the hollow one] and I can push and pull the dimension strings but the drag selection tool doesn't appear at all.
  8. Has anyone ever experienced this phenomena? I am unable to drag dimension strings with my 2D selection tool. For example horizontal strings can not be moved vertically and the cursor doesn't even switch to drag mode. I am able to edit and drag other objects just not dimensions. Please help!
  9. That explains it...we only work off of our Snap Server never off the desktop. I have noticed other incompatabilities with the Snap Server and OSX, I guess this is just another one for the list. Thank you.
  10. Pedro, NNA better have a good reply to this problem siince I suckered you into this drawing format. Thanks for being a good sport about it. Guess who. P.S. I'm a power user.
  11. suzanne

    Door Wars

    Have you ever tried to VOID a door? I have by writing Void on top of the schedule...it's ridiculous. I think that VW's version of Excel is an affront to real Excel, it offers nothing in comparison it could be really cool. It also took me awhile to figure out that VW provides boxes around the cells by default-- where Excel doesn't, so for the longest time I was getting really thick dark lines around the boxes. I once tried to automate a door schedule and it freaked out! Schedules are essential and controling their appearance, as VW hinders, is a bit of a problem. If we are designers flexibility is essential, it is afterall information design that allows us to communicate effectively on paper.
  12. I think that is a great idea...then you could eliminate many of the older VW versions on your harddrive. I have old work from minicad that I can't get to--and at the time time I never really thought to keep updating it...too late now.
  13. Thank you Henry-- the white text as default is a known VW bug. Your explanation of the class paste worked....
  14. Using VW 9.5.2 and OS X 10.1.5 ....Each time I attempt to paste text between classes... I select and copy and paste it appears on the new layer; once I deselect it I cannot pick it again and when I refresh the screen it disappears. Where did it go? I am also still unable to remedy the white text upon creation problem either--maybe there is a connection?
  15. Has any one noticed that VW 9.5.2 crashes when you select revert to saved?
  16. Finally someone else is having the same problem! None of the things Katie is describing are working....
  17. Are you trying to totally freak out the computer?
  18. Thank you for your input Pedro. I find it troublesome to run VW8 in the OSX "Classique" Mode, [but I will admit that it does have window shades though]. Have you considered the ramifications of opening VW8 files in VW9, for example the near doubling in size of the file? Your suggestion is not foolproof my friend!!!
  19. Thank you, its hard to do surveys without it!
  20. Katie--we bought regular VW as we have all along through each updated version...and we are Architects. NNA didn't make it known, atleast to us, that tools were moving to more industry specific versions. Is it possible to buy plug-ins individually to customize Plain Old VW or to upgrade to VW Architect? Thanks for your time.
  21. Katie this doesn't work for the Property Bounds Tool, it did however, work for the Leader LIne Tool. Can you explain why?
  22. I got the joke, but those the disappearing and reappearing things and spots are driving me so crazy. It was funny.
  23. You have the specs too? On my screen they show up like small black flecks it drives me crazy...they only go away when I refresh the screen--a familiar OSX issue it seems.
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