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  1. Also, check the classes for the plants - they all start with 'Plant-Component'. If these are off, you won't see your plant.
  2. On one file, when I turn on the 2D plant rendering, the shadows and outlines show up, but the opacity and gradients are not showing up properly. These show up properly when the rendering is turned off. Any suggestions?
  3. Most of the symbols have a class for the colors - 'Plants-component-color fill' and 'Plants-component-canopy'. If you turn these classes off when printing for black and white, you should just get the outlines.
  4. Thanks! Who wold have thought of checking there?
  5. All of a sudden the standard color palettes changed on all my drawings, including new ones. Both the Classic and Standard Vectorworks palette no longer show the colours in the right order. Under the edit box, they look fine, but when I go back to my attribute palette, they are not. Is there any way to get back?
  6. Thanks. I will submit as a bug. What I was hoping for in rotate plan is to perform some of the tools more easily when objects are aligned. Doing text and plant tags at least works well, but some of the note tags do not. What it appears to be is that I will have to do most of the work in plan view instead and remember to switch back and forth - usually I would forget to do this. Another thing I caught on very quickly is that you cannot copy items from another file and paste in place when in rotate plan view, even if both plans are rotated, or referenced. They will not copy to the proper place. This at least does make sense to me, as the paste in place tool would use the point of origin to paste.
  7. I am having problems using some of the tools properly when I am in the rotated plan view with VW 2010. The ones I have come across is the trim tool, the connect/combine tool and the tangent attribute. For me, the trim tool deleted the whole line, arc, etc. instead of the portion I wanted to trim. The connect/combine tool connected to the wrong end or side, and the tangent tool wouldn't allow me to draw a line tangent to an arc (when starting from the arc). These tools worked fine when the view is in top/plan Has anyone else had these problems? I'm wondering if this is a bug?
  8. Has anyone else had problems exporting to autocad? Right now, I'm having to convert my drawings to VW 2009 before exporting.
  9. "There is a thread by Jeff Ouillette of Nemetschek that shows a comparison of IFC data exported to various programs. That is very telling of what translates and how the graphics will look" Can you tell me how to find this? Thanks
  10. Our office is thinking of trying this also. What is IFC?
  11. When exporting to autocad, my files open up with no 'real' viewports in autocad - they cannot be adjusted and are not in the same place. I like the option of being able to export using anonymous blocks, but when I click on this option - it gets worse - sometimes there is nothing in the viewports, sometimes the objects are at the wrong scale. I made sure the option to export viewports as 2D graphics in model space is clicked off, and I exported the sheet(s) I wanted to export. Also, the option to not export invisible classes is turned on. When I converted the file to VW2009, they exported with proper viewport crops that can be adjusted and the crops are in the right spot. Of course, the pdfs did not export. Is there some other option I need to click?
  12. Help I am trying to create paths using hardscape directly or by creating a polyline first and then converting. I keep getting the following error message: Problem creating pathway hardscape The pathway hardscape could not be created because it is self intersecting. Sometimes when I create the pathway directly from hardscape, it works, but if I try to modify it I get this message. When this happens, I either have to redraw the path or draw a new polyline to convert from.
  13. Thanks I never thought of looking there
  14. What happened to the number stamp tool that was in VW 12? Its very handy in certain cases.
  15. Thanks. Here is the file, hopefully.
  16. I've pared the file down to 4 MB. I don't know if there is a size limit to what I can attach and how to attach. We have this problem on more than one file and on more than one computer. I'll file a bug report and email the file there also.
  17. I have had something similar. Sometimes, the plants do not show up, but the symbol is still there and all classes showing. What I have done is to open the symbol (editing the symbol), check to make sure it shows up, close the symbol, and then for some reason everything shows up. This gets a bit frustrating. It seems to happen more often if you have imported a plant from a previous version.
  18. Our office has been getting some problems using the dimensioning tools in VW2009. These include: - When dimensioning the angle between two lines, the text does not show up (whether in rotated plan or not) - When dimensioning constrained lines in the rotated plan view, the vertical text seems to flip back and forth from showing to the right or left (it doesn't seem to matter if the flip text is on or not) - When dimensioning in the rotated plan, if you box the text, the box is located elsewhere) - When dimensioning the radius in rotated plan, you cannot adjust the orientation of the text (like you can with notes and plant tags). Anyone else having problems with this? Also, offset tool does not seem to work with some polygons.
  20. For some reason the offset tool is not working in VW12 when offsetting a polygon. It works well with lines and arcs. This happens when I'm in a rotated plan view. I'm getting it to work today when in plan/top view. Is there any way to get the dimension tags for radii to align to a rotated plan view? The plant tags and note tags work well. Also, I sometimes still have problems with the tangent tool not showing me the tangent when trying to draw a line tangent to an arc. Anyone else having these problems?
  21. The Rotate Plan tool seems very useful, and I started using it right away when I upgraded. Now, I'm having some problems with the point of origin on one of my drawings. I don't know if it changed due to the Rotate Plan tool, or if it changed when I converted it to VW 12 (with the rotated plan in it) and then back to VW 2009, as I had to work on an older machine one day. Has anyone come across this problem?
  22. Thanks - I was not dragging the icons properly to the columns. I got it to work by reinserting the sum function, but I don't know why they disappeared when converting a file from VW12 - with plant lists that sum properly in the categories, they do not when converted to VW2009 - the sum operation is not visible in the plant ID anymore. Now I just have to get comfortable with the plant symbol behavior and new database
  23. I had the same thing happen to some of my plant symbols when converting from VW12 - they disappeared and I had a cross instead. I opened the plant symbol to edit in the resource browser and then closed it, and the symbol seemed to work fine after that. I don't know why the symbols disappeared in the meantime.
  24. I have recently upgraded to VW 2009 and am having problems organizing my plant lists as I did in VW12. I divided my plant lists into Trees, Shrubs, and Perennials by changing the headers to include only those plants. These were all in one plant list. When I do this in VW 2009, the trees work fine, but under shrubs or perennials, I can only get it to calculate each instance of a plant and not summing up each plant species. So, for example, if I place Shirobana Spirea three times on the plan, the plant list would give me three lines for the Shirobana instead of one total. If I look under the headers for the trees, I see that it has a sum done for the numbers, but I get an error message if I try this for the shrubs or perennials saying that it cannot calculate past a certain line number. If I separate the plant types into separate plant lists, I am fine. Is there any way to get them into one plant list?
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