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  1. I found the problem. I had done a clean install on this laptop and had not yet loaded Adobe Acrobat Reader. With that done, VW help opens fine.
  2. I just moved VW 10.5 to my Laptop. I tried to open the Vectorworks Help file and I get an error message that says No HTML Browser Installed. But I have IE 6 installed and am in fact using it to access this board. I need help to access help. Thanks
  3. Thank You. I didn't know to "deselect all" while in symbol edit. I was actually selecting all and my inserted symbol instances never had a default value. Thanks again.
  4. I'm trying to draw a barn design in a way that I can extract a materials and cost estimate using the record format feature. So I have created the Posts, Beams, Braces, and Bolts as symbols, and tried to assign default record values, like name and cost, to each symbol. Then I have "built" the barn in 3-D using these symbols. But I don't know if it is working out right. Questions: 1. Am I on the right track? i.e., is this the way to do this in VW 10.5? 2. I assigned default record format values to a symbol, like a bolt. But after inserting the bolts, the various lumber's record formats had changed to the values of the bolt. Thanks
  5. I am using Convert to Polygons so I can apply some brick and siding hatches to the exterior to make it look a little nicer. I only have basic VW so I don't think I have any other options for applying surfaces to 3-D objects, do I? Good idea on turning off interior stuff. I did some of that, but probably need to be a little more religious about it. Thanks
  6. I don't know if this is a VW question or a PDF question. Is there a way to speed up the production of a pdf of an elevation that is produced from "convert to polygons" from a 3-D model? I'm sure the problem must be all of the resulting "pieces" from the conversion to polygons process. I've noticed that Acrobat seems to include every item in the model, even he stuff hidden by what is in front. Is it possible to "flatten" the VW file before producting the pdf, i.e., include only the stuff that you see in the particular view? Or, is there a way to tell Acrobat to only use the stuff you see and ignore the "hidden" items. Using VW 10.5 and Acrobat 7. Thanks
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