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  1. John

    I've been working with InteriorCad for over a couple of years now and I must say I've been very pleased. InteriorCad 2.0 is the lastest release and has alot of user friendly enhancements.

    Its perfect for kitchen cabinetry, but you can do alot more with InteriorCad with practice.

    I would be more than happy to answer any questions.(I'm not a sales person ).

    best regards


    User/Beta Tester

  2. Mullin

    Thought I would try your script copyied

    from your post (I'm very rusty)I got the following after compileing. Pretty sure I copyied it right

    Line #16: -1: ShowClass(ClassName); {Hidden}


    { Error: Expected BEGIN }

    I'm sure this would be my error


  3. Pat

    I myself find VW and InteriorCad to be fast and efficient for millwork and Cabinetry.

    Speed an accuracy saves money, not only for you but also your client. Call me lazy but I prefer

    1 click opposed to many.

    Sw is unlimited but bulky

    (still a fine software though).

    Go with your gut-------- [Wink]


    VW user since 8.5

  4. Patrick

    I'm a beta tester

    I,ve been useing it since May of this year

    was named interiorworks.

    Has alot of neat stuff includeing Excel export

    but does require some customizing at this time

    New beta will be released sometime this winter

    and hopefully will be released on the market in the spring for VW10.

    This product will change alot for the cabinet makers. check it out everyone I've designed alot of cabinets with the beta all ready and it will speed up the designing and costing times greatly.

    Beta Tester since May 2002

    Get ready for a great add-on


  5. Hi everyone I've been reading your board for a while and decided to become a neebie.I'm trying to learn the language so we learn by example. Can anyone tell me why this procedure does not work. I copied it off a site that was reccomended.

    procedure braces;VAR x,y,x1,y1,x2,y2:REAL; ymid,xmid,temp:REAL;BEGIN

    Getrect(x1,y1,x2,y2); {get the box} GetMouse(x,y); {will use this to determine which way the boxwas drawn} ymid:=(y1+y2)/2; xmid:=(x1+x2)/2; if xymid then begin {box drawn bottom to top} temp:=y1; y1:=y2; y2:=temp; end; if (abs(y2-y1)>abs(x2-x1)) then begin {box drawn taller thanwide} beginpoly; moveto(x1,y1); curveto(xmid,y1); curveto(xmid,ymid); lineto(x2,ymid); curveto(xmid,ymid); curveto(xmid,y2); lineto(x1,y2); endpoly; end else begin {box drawn wider than tall} beginpoly; moveto(x1,y1); curveto(x1,ymid); curveto(xmid,ymid); lineto(xmid,y2); curveto(xmid,ymid); curveto(x2,ymid); lineto(x2,y1); endpoly; end; redrawall;END;


    This is what I copied,so it my be garbled.Thanks for your help.MKMAY frown.gif" border="0

    [ 07-06-2002: Message edited by: MKMAY ]

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